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Fortnite OG players slam Epic for “awful” state of Item Shop –


With Fortnite OG in full swing, players have a lot to rediscover in the original map. However, a particular return has some players complaining about the Item Shop and its offers.

Fortnite went back to its origins in Chapter 4 Season OG, and players can enjoy the action on the original map. Iconic locations are busier than ever while fans eagerly await updates that will keep bringing weapons and vehicles back from Chapter 1.

Additionally, Fortnite is going all-in with the theme, meaning players can get revamped classic skins through the OG Battle Pass. The Item Shop has also gone back to its original format and it features some of the most iconic and sought-after outfits from earlier seasons. However, not all players are happy with this since it doesn’t offer them many enticing options.

Reddit user ‘Loud-Disk1592’ made a post saying, “The one thing I hate about the new item shop is that you can’t buy only one skin. Instead you need to buy the entire bundle,” which sparked debate among Fortnite players. While most celebrate the nostalgia during the OG Season, they see no point in restricting options so much.

“It feels so limiting,” another player added, and mentioned the Stranger Things collab that only lasted for 24 hours: “The Eleven skin, which people have been waiting and asking for since last Fortnitemares, was only here for a day.”

Some players argued that Epic Games need to find a middle ground between offering “37 pages of marvel and collabs” and this classic system with daily rotations. “I’m enjoying this season, but not the item shop,” said another player, who added, “I used to get excited for it to reset each day, but since the Stranger Things stuff came and went, I haven’t even paid attention to it.”

While most players aren’t happy with the current Item Shop, others pointed out that the devs could be missing out on purchases because of the system.

“There’s a significant amount of players who can’t play every day and there’s another significant group who don’t have enough expendable v-bucks lying around to impulse buy in one day. This decision by Epic was as stupid as removing Trios and I’m surprised they haven’t quietly backtracked on the shop with this significant loss of potential revenue they could of made from returning players,” explained another Reddit user.

Fortnite OG will last until December 2, so it’s unlikely Epic Games change anything about the Item Shop before then. However, rumors and leaks hinted at a completely renovated Item Shop for Chapter 5, so we’ll have to wait and see what Epic Games have in store for their players.

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