Genshin Impact Gorou build

Genshin Impact’s Gorou is an adorable, four-star, geo and bow-wielding pup, with a caring personality. If you want to get to grips with the puppy general, you’re in luck. With our Gorou build, we show you all the best weapons and artifacts for him, as well as take an in-depth look at his skills and how to make the most of them.

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Let’s dig up everything we know about Genshin Impact’s Gorou.

What’s the best Genshin Impact Gorou build?

Best weapon
Favonius Warbow

Weapon substitutes
Elegy for the End

Best artifact set
Husk of Opulent Dreams

Artifact substitutes
Archaic Petra or Noblesse Oblige

Main stats

Sands: energy recharge
Goblet: geo damage bonus or defense% (C4+)
Circlet: crit rate/crit damage


Energy recharge
Crit rate/crit damage

Gorou’s best weapon is the Favonius Warbow, a four-star gacha bow. It’s great for buffing his energy recharge capabilities which he needs for his high-cost burst. His best artifact set is Husk of Opulent Dreams for his defense and geo damage bonus stats, but Archaic Petra and Noblesse Oblige are also great options.

Focus on building his energy recharge, geo damage bonus, crit, and defense. Defense is a higher priority for his Goblet if your Gorou is at constellation four or above to buff his healing. Favonius Warbow requires slightly less ER than Elegy for the End.

When leveling up Gorou’s talents, we recommend prioritizing his elemental skill above all. After that, you can level up his elemental skill. His normal attack isn’t all that important, so you can leave that until last.

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How should I use Gorou?

Gorou is best suited to playing a support role, as he boosts his allies’ defense, and can even heal and increase geo crit damage at higher constellations. He has interruption resistance and can deal some strong damage, but you need geo characters in your team alongside him to fully utilize his abilities, and his elemental burst has a high energy cost.

However, as mentioned above, Gorou’s abilities are perfect for supporting defense scaling allies in a mono geo team, and if you put him with Genshin Impact’s Itto, Genshin Impact’s Albedo, Genshin Impact’s Zhongli, and Genshin Impact’s Noelle, you can guarantee some serious damage and survivability for your whole party.

Also, keep in mind that Gorou’s buffs from both his elemental skill and elemental burst scale based on how many geo characters are in your party.

Number of geo characters in party

Defense bonus

Defense bonus and increased resistance to interruption

Defense bonus, increased resistance to interruption, and increased geo damage bonus

Learn more about the Genshin Impact elements right here

What are the best Gorou weapons?

KQM’s Gorou guide says that Favonius Warbow is the only weapon you should ever use for him. It has incredible particle generation, a decent energy recharge stat, and it’s decently accessible as you get a free copy by completing the first Archon quest.

The best five-star weapon for Genshin Impact’s Gorou is the Elegy for the End, which can increase energy recharge rate and elemental mastery. It’s a powerful piece of kit, but since it’s a gacha pull from the Epitome Invocation weapon banner it’s not always available.

How to obtain

Elegy for the End
Bonus stat: energy rechargeSkill: A part of the “Millennial Movement” that wanders amidst the winds.Increases Gorou’s elemental mastery by 60. When Gorou’s elemental skills or elemental bursts hit opponents, he gains a Sigil of Remembrance. This effect can trigger once every 0.2 seconds and can trigger even if Gorou is not on the field. When you possess four Sigils of Remembrance, you consume them all and all nearby party members obtain the “Millennial Movement: Farewell Song” effect for 12 seconds. This effect increases elemental mastery by 100 and increases attack by 20%. Once this effect is triggered, you won’t gain Sigils of Remembrance for 20 seconds. Buffs of the same type do not stack

Favonius Warbow
Bonus stat: energy rechargeSkill: Crit hits have a 60% chance to generate a small amount of elemental particles, which regenerate six energy for Gorou. Can only occur once every 12 seconds
Gacha, A Long Shot quest

Sacrificial Bow
Bonus stat: energy rechargeSkill: After Gorou damages an opponent with his elemental skill, the skill has a 40% chance to end its own cooldown. This can only occur once every 30 seconds

What are the best Gorou artifacts?

You can equip Gorou with five artifacts, with different benefits that can help his stats shine. We recommend Husk of Opulent Dreams above all others, as it’s perfect for defense-scaling geo characters and will really enhance his buffs.

Husk of Opulent Dreams is a five-star set, so if you’re struggling to get all the pieces, you can try one of the alternatives below instead. Only go for Nobless Oblige if you don’t have Itto on your team, as he also benefits from this set and the effect can’t stack.

Artifact set
How to obtain

Husk of Opulent Dreams
Two equipped: defense +30%Four equipped: obtain the curiosity effect in the following conditions: when Gorou is on the field, he gains one stack after hitting an opponent with a geo attack, triggering a maximum of once every 0.3 seconds. When off the field, Gorou gains one stack every three seconds. Curiosity can stack up to four times, each providing 6% defense and a 6% geo damage bonus. When six seconds pass without gaining a curiosity stack, one stack expires
Slumbering Court domain in Fort Hiraumi, on Seirai Island, Inazuma

Archaic Petra
Two equipped: geo damage +15%Four equipped: upon obtaining an elemental shard created through a crystallize reaction, all party members gain a 35% damage bonus for that particular element for ten seconds. Characters can only gain one form of elemental damage bonus in this manner at any one time
Domain of Guyun in Sea of Clouds, Guyun Stone Forest, Liyue

Noblesse Oblige
Two equipped: elemental burst damage +20%Four equipped: increases all party members’ attack by 20% for 12 seconds after using an elemental burst. This effect cannot stack
Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern domain in Minlin, Mt. Aozang, or from the Noblesse Oblige Artifact Strongbox

Defender’s Will
Two equipped: defense +30%Four equipped: increases elemental resistance by 30% for each element present in your party
Chests, domains, boss drops

Artifact stat recommendations

Main stats: 

Sands: energy recharge
Goblet: geo damage bonus or defense% if he’s at C4 and you want to maximize his healing
Circlet: crit rate/crit damage (try to maintain a 2:1 ratio overall)


Energy recharge to requirements (about 220% with Favonius Warbow, 250% without)
Crit rate/crit damage

What are the best Gorou team comps?

As we mentioned at the top of the guide, Gorou shines best in mostly geo team comps, functioning as a support unit to buff and potentially heal your other attackers. The whole geo cast of characters is pretty strong, so you can essentially run whichever mono geo/three geo and one flex team suits your playstyle and resources.

Here’s an example of a strong Gorou team comp:

First character slot
Second character slot
Third character slot
Fourth character slot

gorou iconGorou
itto iconItto
albedo iconAlbedo
bennett iconBennett

Genshin Impact Gorou: Gorou's birthday art, featuring him looking troubled and contemplating how to cut into his shiba dog-shaped cake without seeming cruel.

What are Gorou’s abilities?

When leveling Gorou’s talents, it’s a good idea to focus on Juuga: Forward Unto Victory first.

Active skills:


Normal attack: Ripping Fang Fletching
Normal: Perform up to four consecutive shots with a bowCharged: Perform a more precise aimed shot with increased damage. While aiming, stone crystals accumulate on the arrowhead. A fully charged crystalline arrow deals geo damagePlunging: Fire a shower of arrows in mid-air before falling and striking the ground, dealing AoE damage on impact

Elemental skill: Inuzaka All-Round Defense
Deals AoE damage and sets up a General’s War Banner, which provides up to three buffs to active characters within the AoE, based on the number of geo characters in the party. – One geo character (Standing Firm): gives a defense bonus– Two geo characters (Impregnable): increases resistance to interruption– Three geo characters (Crunch): gives a geo damage bonus 

Elemental burst: Juuga: Forward Unto Victory
Gorou deals AoE geo damage and creates a field known as General’s Glory, which acts as a mobile version of the General’s War Banner, giving the same buffs as above. If a General’s War Banner is present in the field when Gorou uses General’s Glory, the General’s War Banner will be destroyed, and cannot be summoned until General’s Glory’s duration has ended

Passive skills:


Heedless of the Wind and Weather
After using Juuga: Forward Unto Victory, all nearby party members’ defense is increased by 25% for 12 seconds

A Favor Repaid
Gorou receives damage bonuses to his attacks based on his defense. When using Inuzaka All-Round Defense, his skill damage is increased by 156% of his defense. When using Juuga: Forward Unto Victory, his skill damage and crystal collapse damage is increased by 15.6% of defense

Seeker of Shinies
Displays the location of nearby resources unique to Inazuma on the mini-map

What are Gorou’s constellations?

Leveling up Gorou’s constellations can give you some pretty great bonuses. Here’s what you can get if you’re lucky enough to pull a few duplicates.


C1: Rushing Hound: Switch as the Wind
When characters (other than Gorou) within the AoE of Gorou’s General War Banner or General’s Glory deal geo damage to opponents, the cooldown of Gorou’s Inuzaka All-Roud Defense is decreased by 2 seconds. This effect can occur every ten seconds

C2: Sitting Hound: Steady as the Clock
While General’s Glory is in effect, its duration is extended by one second when a nearby active character obtains an elemental shard from a crystallize reaction. This effect can occur once every 0.1 seconds, and the extension can last a maximum of three seconds

C3: Mauling Hound: Fierce as Fire
Increases the level of Inuzaka All-Round Defense by three. Maximum upgrade level is 15

C4: Lapping Hound: Warm as Water
When General’s Glory is in the ‘Impregnable’ or ‘Crunch’ states, it will also heal active characters within its AoE by 50% of Gorou’s own defense every 1.5 seconds

C5: Striking Hound: Thunderous Force
Increases the level of Juuga: Forward Unto Glory by three. Maximum upgrade level is 15

C6: Valiant Hound: Mountainous Fealty 
For 12 seconds after using Inuzaka All-Round Defense or Juuga: Forward Unto Victory, increases the crit damage of all nearby party members’ geo damage based on the buff level of the skill’s field at the time of use.

“Standing Firm”: +10%
“Impregnable”: +20%
“Crunch”: +40%

This effect cannot stack 

What are Gorou’s ascension materials?

Here are all the materials you need to ascend Gorou:

Ascension materials

One prithiva topaz sliver, three sango pearls, three spectral husks

Three prithiva topaz fragments, ten sango pearls, 15 spectral husks, two perpetual hearts

Six prithiva topaz fragments, 20 sango pearls, 12 spectral hearts, four perpetual hearts

Three prithiva topaz chunks, 30 sango pearls, 18 spectral hearts, eight perpetual hearts

Six prithiva topaz chunks, 45 sango pearls, 12 spectral nuclei, 12 perpetual hearts

Six prithiva topaz gemstones, 60 sango pearls, 24 spectral nuclei, 20 perpetual hearts

Here’s where to get all of Gorou’s ascension materials:

Prithiva topaz – drops from normal and weekly bosses
Sango pearls – found on Watatsumi Island and Enkanomiya, or sold in Inazuma and Sumeru
Spectral husks / hearts / nuclei – drops from specter enemies in Inazuma and Sumeru (dendro specters only)
Perpetual hearts – drops from the Perpetual Mechanical Array normal boss in Inazuma

Genshin Impact Gorou: Gorou's 2023 birthday art featuring him smiling widely and doing a 'rawr' pose.

What are Gorou’s talent materials?

Here are all the talent materials you need to ascend one of Gorou’s talents to level ten.


Six spectral husks, three teachings of light

Three spectral hearts, two guides to light

Four spectral hearts, four guides to light

Six spectral hearts, six guides to light

Nine spectral hearts, nine guides to light

Four spectral nuclei, four philosophies of light, one molten moment

Six spectral nuclei, six philosophies of light, one molten moment

Nine spectral nuclei, 12 philosophies of light, two molten moments

12 spectral nuclei, 16 philosophies of light, two molten moments, one crown of insight

Here’s where to get each of Gorou’s talent materials:

Spectral husks / hearts / nuclei – drops from specter enemies in Inazuma and Sumeru (dendro specters only)
Light talent books – rewards from the Violet Court domains on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays
Molten moment – drops from the La Signora weekly boss in Inazuma

Talent priorities

When leveling up Gorou’s talents, we recommend prioritizing them in the following order:

Elemental burst >> elemental skill > normal attack

That’s everything you need to know about the puppy general Genshin Impact’s Gorou. If you want to check out Hoyoverse’s space-faring RPG, head on over to our Honkai Star Rail codes guide and Honkai Star Rail tier list. We’ve also got build guides for Honkai Star Rail’s Black Swan, Honkai Star Rail’s Dr Ratio, and Honkai Star Rail’s March 7th.

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