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Global Release of Assault Lily Last Bullet W Set Out on a New Adventure, Build Unwavering Bonds with the Lilies –

The Taiwanese branch of Japanese corporation Sony, So-net Entertainment Taiwan Limited (“So-net”), announced today (May 27) the global release of the international version for Assault Lily Last Bullet W (“Assault Lily W”), a collaboration between Pokelabo, Inc. and SHAFT. Moreover, the management team is giving out tons of gifts through release commemorative events and new game contents, heating up the hype for Lilies among the gaming community. Lovers of girls with guns RPGs cannot miss on this chance to join the girls’ fight for humanity.

For those who wants to play Assault Lily W, you can download it on both iOS and Android:

Bonding x Bishojo GVG: The international version of Assault Lily Last Bullet W will be released worldwide on May 27.

A Masterpiece by Best-Selling IP: Set Out on a Quest with the Lilies

Assault Lily W is a horizontal turn-based card RPG game. It is the future and a powerful, unknown life form, HUGE, has surfaced, bringing catastrophe to the world. At the same time, humans have developed weapons that combine science and magic, CHARM, and there’s a group of girls adept at using these tools in perfect synchronization, the Lilies. The game’s plot is connected with the anime BOUQUET. What’s more, the development team has included lots of original storylines, allowing players to enjoy a greater variety of content and grow along the girls in the adventures of Assault Lily W.

Assault Lily W’s Captivating Plot Expands on the TV Series’ Plot with Original Storylines

Diverse Strategic Combinations Enable Exhilarating Battles

In Assault Lily W, players can assemble their own legion and play as a leading Lily to join the fight or offer support. Other than Lily’s combat gear, CHARM, the game integrates clothing and commands that enable intricate strategies for an exhilarating gaming experience.

The game’s Memorias allow players to unlock corresponding clothing items that endow characters with powerful abilities and battle styles depending on different pairings. Additionally, commands also come in handy for battles by providing different powers, not only enhancing one’s abilities but also weakening the enemies’ specific commands. Players can pick a variety of commands to unleash their Lily’s hidden potential. Join the expedition and repulse the HUGE threat together!

Assault Lily W’s System of Clothing and Commands

The Cradles of Lilies: About the Three Girls’ Academies

GARDEN is the institution responsible for training Lilies to fight HUGE, with bases all over the world. In Assault Lily X, the Lilies from three different academies are all charming in their own way, with different characteristics that players can explore to form the strongest legion able to defeat HUGE.

Yurigaoka Girls Academy

A world-renowned academy for instructing Lilies, part of an institution dedicated to educating young women from illustrious families. Outstanding Lilies from all over the world gather here, including the games’ leading characters Hitotsuyanagi Riri, Shirai Yuyu, and others. Strenuous education and training are necessary to be able to master CHARM and combat HUGE. The Neunwelt Tactic, which involves 9 people, is taught here, with a legendary reputation worldwide.

Assault Lily X’s Yurigaoka Girls Academy

Herensuge Girls Academy

Herensuge Girls Academy offers rigorous training and education, with emphasis on an unwavering determination to defeat HUGE. Primarily focused on actual battle, it has grown at a dizzying speed over the last few years. It also adopts all sorts of methods, unheard of in other academies, to turn these girls into formidable Lilies. The academy ranks students based on the strength of their magical powers and battle techniques.

Assault Lily W’s Herensuge Girls Academy

Kamba Girls School of Arts

This school’s philosophy consists of executing HUGE expeditions with the least amount of effort—a compulsory order, attaching great importance to the personal life of every Lily. It is home to many Lilies with highly individual thoughts on battling. Don’t underestimate Kamba Girls School of Arts though: their students might have an easy time at school with loose training requirements, but every Lily here is extremely talented and capable.

Assault Lily W’s Kamba Girls School of Arts

A Series of Release Commemorative Events Offer Exclusive Rewards

To celebrate the global release, Assault Lily W’s management team is organizing the first series of exclusive reward events. Starting from today until 7:59 (UTC+0) on June 10, get a free draw once every day: you’ll have the opportunity to win the exclusive Memoria [A Moment of Tranquility], Memoria [Memories of Home], Memoria [New Year’s Assault!], Memoria [Time for Punishment], and other rare items.

In addition, Mission No. 1, Release Celebration, Login Rewards, and many other release commemorative events will be available in game. You simply need to log in and you’ll obtain Memoria [Lucky Spring], Memoria [Mutual Promise], 11 Gashapon Coupon Ver. 2, Guaranteed Reward ★ Gashapon Coupon Ver. 2, Guaranteed Reward COST17+ ★ 5 Gashapon Coupons, and a massive amount of Magi Jewels. Players cannot miss on this wealth of bonuses to build a solid legion. Come bond with these Lilies and become the last hope to save the planet!

Stay tuned for the latest news on Assault Lily W and updates on the official website and fanpage.

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