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Google’s AI-based Magic Editor Tool Has Photoshop-Like Features


Over the years, Google Photos on Android has gained a handful of editing features. Some of these even rely on the AI capabilities of the device, such as the Magic Eraser. Google is adding a far more capable tool called Magic Editor into its gallery app, so you can bid farewell to Photoshop.


Google announced Magic Editor for Google Photos.
The editing tool uses AI to resize and reposition subjects in photos.
Google will roll out Magic Editor to select Pixel phones later this year.

If you want to remove photobombers from your photos or simply want to enhance blurry shots, these can already be done right inside Google Photos and without leaving the app. What if you would like to move subjects or quickly edit a particular area of your photo? Google is making this possible with Magic Editor.

Remove or resize subjects on Google Photos

Google said with its new AI-based tool, users will be able to get extensive and more advanced controls like resizing and moving subjects within the photo. It also added that highlighting a particular area will be supported. For instance, you can only select the sky and delete portions of the clouds while enhancing the color on them.

Google Magic Editor sample photos
Google’s Magic Editor on Google Photos can recreate and fill the missing area. / © Google, Edit by NextPit

More importantly, there is now an ability to erase not only objects in the background but objects within the subject too. The feature can also recreate subjects, which is shown in the example photo of a stretched bench and filling the missing sections of the balloons.

Google Magic Editor sample photos editing of subjects and removing objects.
Google’s Magic Editor can remove objects on the subject and resize the subject. / © Google, Edit by NextPit

When can you test Google’s Magic Editor

According to the Internet search giant, Magic Editor is still in the experimental stage. However, they plan to roll out it on Google Photos for select Pixel models later this year. It is likely that this tool will officially debut with the upcoming and rumored Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, which are expected to be announced in October.

Besides Google, Samsung recently released its own AI-powered tool called Image Clipper for supported Galaxy smartphones. The Image Clipper copies Apple’s Lift and Drop on iOS 16 which lets you isolate a subject and turn the background transparent.

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Have you tried Google’s Magic Eraser on iPhone or Android yet? We’d like to hear about your experience with the feature.

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