Grab a mesmerizing star projector for less than $20 this Black Friday


Fancy bringing the magic of the night sky inside your home? You can with this Ambience Galaxy Projector from Encalife which is currently 33% off as part of Amazon’s Black Friday sale.

This is one of the cheapest star projectors around, and for just $19.97 (its RRP is $29.97)  you’re getting a solid projector with multiple color options, timer modes and even a built-in Bluetooth speaker. In fact, we featured the Encalife Ambience Galaxy Projector in our round-up of best star projectors, calling it the best in the market for multi-media ambiance.

In our review of the Encalife projector, we praised the quality of its speaker and its great party lights. It isn’t scientifically accurate, but that doesn’t stop it from being absolutely mesmerizing to relax under.

It’s not a brand we weren’t initially familiar with: In fact, we noted as we reviewed it that Encalife was tricky to find much information about. But having had hands on the unit itself, we can allay any fears of buying something from an unknown brand. This is a solid star projector, and you’re not going to find one better for cheaper. At less than $20, the Ambience Galaxy Projector is an absolute steal.

Encalife cites the Ambience Galaxy Projector as being a great way to help kids relax at night. And while we don’t disagree, we think this star projector is just as appealing to adults, too. The built-in Bluetooth speaker means you can play the music of your choice and unwind to a spectacular light show that will take over your walls and ceiling.

The Ambience Galaxy Projector has 21 built-in lighting modes, each offering variations on the night sky. It mixes together four different colors (red, blue, white or green) to create a range of combinations that you can choose between. As we’ve mentioned, you won’t find genuine constellations and accurate representations of the night sky here: the Encalife Ambience Galaxy Projector puts relaxation first before science. And, you know, we’re OK with that.

What makes this star projector particularly appealing is that it comes with a remote control, so you don’t need to be sat next to the unit to control it. The remote allows you to change the light settings on the fly, adjust your music and turn it on and off. Perfect if you’re lying in bed admiring the show.

Key Specs: Built-in Bluetooth speaker, remote control operation, rotation, LED bulb and laser, projection surface of 160-540ft, sleep timer.

Consensus: This is a super-cheap star projector from a brand that you’re likely not familiar with, but it’s a solid product with a good range of functions. We’re particularly impressed with its speaker quality.

Buy if: You want a star projector to simply help you relax and don’t want to break the bank.

Don’t buy if: You’re looking for a top-of-the-range projector, or if you care about scientific accuracy.

Alternative models: The Aurora Borealis Northern Lights Star Projector is one of the best on the market, offering 16.7 million color combinations — but it comes at a higher price tag. We also love the Astronaut Starry Sky projector, simply for its excellent novelty value.

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