Grim survival RTS drops huge update along with pre launch roadmap

When night falls bringing with it a thousand teeming monsters, chattering and clicking as they try to tear down your walls, you’ll be glad you brought a friend. In Age of Darkness: Final Stand, that’ll become a reality as developer PlaySide will be adding multiplayer co-op to the tough-as-nails survival RTS. That’s landed alongside a brand new update as well as a roadmap showing what’s coming over the next few months, making it a very busy time indeed for the game.

In Steam Early Access since 2021, Age of Darkness: Final Stand is an RTS game where the aim is to simply survive. Unfortunately thousands of Nightmares have different plans and every night they’ll arrive, ready to tear your carefully prepared outpost to pieces. It’s a hard game, one where you’re definitely going to lose at some point, but how and when is entirely up to you and your ability to fend off foes and prepare for regular onslaughts.

Recently developer PlaySide announced that co-op multiplayer will be coming to to the game, showing off a few images of a work-in-progress UI of how it may look. Now, there’s a brand new roadmap letting the community know what PlaySide will be working on as the game approaches its intended full launch, scheduled for the upcoming winter.

The pre-release roadmap for Age of Darkness

Also teased on the roadmap are some updates proposed for summer and the first of these, titled Seeds of Darkness, has just been released. The largest new feature is the ability to use map seeds to generate specific levels. This means that players will be able to share their maps with friends, challenging them to do better, and there’ll even be a weekly map seed the developer will release for the community to try their hands at.

Additionally, achievements have arrived for the game, with 73 at the time of writing ready for players to earn. Accessibility is the other area of improvement, with color blind modes, difficulty customization, text colors for subtitles and dialog, and much more. It’s heartening to see that even while being a game renowned for having tough gameplay, Age of Darkness: Final Stand isn’t aiming to be a game that’s tough to be able to play.

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There’s also a cavalcade of bug fixes, performance improvements, changes, and more. You can check out the full patch notes over on Steam.

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