GTA 6 Price Predictions, Hades 2 Impressions, & More Hot Takes

Key art of Melinoë, Hades 2's new protagonist, with the sister blades in hand and incantation circles around her.

Image: Supergiant Games

Playing Hades in the throes of the anguish that was 2020 was exactly the balm I needed. It was the rare roguelike that worked for me, marrying a story that toyed with a pantheon and mythos I’d loved since childhood with some of the most white-knuckle combat I’d experienced in a game. Whether I wanted to check out for 20 minutes or 20 hours, Hades was there, and it was replete with narrative twists and turns, excellent combat, and best-in-class art to pass the time and delight me. It truly was, and remains, one of the most brilliant things I’ve ever played. – Moises Taveras Read More

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