Half of PlayStation Players Are Active on Older Consoles, Not PS5

Sony Interactive Entertainment revealed in its recent earnings call that half of PlayStation’s monthly active players are playing on older consoles. The company has sold 59.2 million PS5s as of March 31, 2024, and said that the 118 million monthly active users on PlayStation Network are split between the PS5 and older consoles — mainly the PS4.

PlayStation players are still active on the PS3 as well

The tidbit above was highlighted by journalist Stephen Totilo, who noted that Sony Group CFO Hiroki Totoki specifically highlighted this information during the earnings call. The company is confident that PS5’s active user base will increase going forward as players continue to transition to the current gen.

Although PS4 claims the biggest chunk of the 59 million active players on older consoles, the PS3 user base is also fairly active, it seems. According to a presentation leaked as part of the infamous Insomniac Games‘ ransomware attack, PS3 was still seeing up to 2.3 million active players until early 2023. This figure has likely gone down since then, but considering the console’s age, it’s quite impressive.

Sony didn’t really support the PS Vita, but we’re sure some dedicated users are still playing on the forsaken handheld, contributing to the numbers above.

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