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Curious about the Haze Piece Tremor Girl boss? I’ve compiled all of the information that you need to know about the level 1000 Super Boss, including her potential reward drops, how to spawn her, and how to obtain her cloak!

Haze Piece is the Roblox experience inspired by One Piece. With plenty of immersive quests and familiar faces, you can explore the lands and become the strongest pirate! (Or marine, but who is really choosing that option?). Consume devil fruits to become even stronger with strange and powerful abilities. Battle alongside or against friends, and watch as your bounty soars the more fun you have.

For more information about Haze Piece, visit the game’s official Roblox page. If you’re looking for more Haze Piece content, we’ve got plenty! Check out our Haze Piece Sword tier list, Haze Piece Scroll guide, and our Haze Piece Haki guide.

Haze Piece Tremor Girl Guide

Read on to find out about Tremor Girl’s drops and how to summon her. Plus, I’ve made sure to include information regarding Tremor Girl’s obtainable cloak!

Who is the Tremor Girl?

Let’s find out!

Tremor Girl

The Tremor Girl is a Level 1000 Super Boss in Haze Piece! This Super Boss drops a ton of fantastic loot when defeated, so make sure to farm Tremor Girl when you can.


20% of Tremor Girl’s HP needs to be depleted to get the rewardsWhite Orb – 25%20 GemsBisento V2 – 50% (You need to have Bisento V1 to get this weapon!)$15K

How to Spawn Tremor Girl

To spawn Tremor Girl, you need to obtain the TremorBeard Key that is dropped by the Ice Admiral Regular Boss in Marine HQ. Use the item to summon Tremor Girl at Marine HQ! Keep in mind that the TremorBeard Key has a 5% drop rate chance.

Tremor Cloak

Want Tremor Girl’s cloak?

+700 HP+7.5% Fruit DamagePurchased from Bella at Marine HQ

Tremor Devil Fruit

So, on the topic of a Tremor, maybe you’re looking for the Tremor Devil Fruit too?


Z Ability – Tremor SmashStomp on the ground while using the Tremor Devil Fruit to summon a shockwaveFruit level needs to be 30 X Ability – Shock BallCreate a Tremor ball that will destroy anything in its pathFruit level needs to be 60 C Ability – Tremor LaunchCrush the ground send send all enemies flying into the airFruit level needs to be 90 V Ability – Quake TsunamiShake the seas to create waves that crash around the islandFruit level needs to be 120


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