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Hearthstone Expansion Festival of Legends Reveals Rockin Good Times


Elite Tauren Chieftain (E.T.C.) is jammin’ their way into the latest Hearthstone expansion, Festival of Legends, bringing 145 new collectible cards, rocking musicians and songs, and a brand new keyword. 

The latest Hearthstone expansion Festival of Legends brings us the biggest music festival to hit Azeroth in quite some time. There are 11 legendary musicians coming to the game, all within different musical genres. Each of them will also come with their own minion and song spell to blast enemies to bits with. 145 new collectible cards will be brought in as well with the expansion, consisting of Harmonic spells and strong solos. Harmonic spells will switch between harmonic and dissonant frequencies during each turn that the player has the card in their hand. Following the rhythm of the card will increase and maximize damage with the chord you choose to strike. 

The new keyword, Finale, brings special bonuses to each card that comes with the keyword if the player uses the last of their mana playing the card. The new class keyword, Overheal, will be a part of the Priest class. Minions that have Overheal will trigger special effects when they are healed above their maximum amount of health points. 


There will also be musical events for fans of the franchise to look forward to. Players will be able to choose between three different concert paths to embark upon once the expansion releases, earning them different cosmetics and rewards for each path. There will be a Legends of Rock series, Jam Kingdom Series, and the Masters of Soul series. Players who choose to tune in during the Legends Take the Stage launch event will be able to earn free card packs just by watching the show. 

The Hearthstone Festival of Legends expansion will release on March 14, 2023. 

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