Hellblade II Combat Mastery, Rewards For Returning MultiVersus Players, And More Tips For The Week

Jason from Friday the 13th, in his slightly cartoony rendition from the game MultiVersus, is seen, a huge machete resting on his shoulder and his menacing, hockey-masked face turned torward the viewer.

Screenshot: WB Games

One of the biggest questions heading into MultiVersus’ 1.0 launch has been answered. WB Games’ crossover platform fighter dropped in Open Beta in 2022, and the plan at the time seemed to be a smooth transition to a full launch. Instead the game was temporarily shut down, despite having run multiple Battle Passes and taking real money for skins and other cosmetics. Several months later, a relaunch is right around the corner with 1.0 scheduled for May 28, 2024. So, what happens to all that purchased content, and would there be any compensation for those founding players when MultiVersus returned? The latest wave of info from developer Player First Games has laid it all out, and we’re here with the condensed version. – Lucas White Read More

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