Hideki Kamiya says Bayonetta will probably continue despite departure


The departure of Hideki Kamiya from Platinum Games was something many of us didn’t see coming. Talking in his Youtube series, Kamiya talked a little more about the acclaimed Bayonetta. He said that he thought there would be around nine Bayonetta games and says that he will most likely take the full saga to the grave with him. However, he thinks that Platinum Games will most likely want the Bayonetta series to continue.

“I’ve talked about this in various interviews, that the Bayonetta series would consist of a total of nine episodes, and that I wanted to grow the franchise as the ‘Bayonetta Saga’, but it seems like I may have to take the full saga to the grave with me. It’s a shame. It’s not like I own the Bayonetta IP, but I suppose those who do will probably keep it going.”

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