High brightness TFT LCD easily fits in

Relec Electronics is offering a 21.5in HDMI TFT LCD. The HA-215HVEEUAB0-AA is designed for easy integration into equipment where a high quality, large display screen is required for indoor use.


The display provides an active area of 476.06mm (w) by 267.79mm (h) with an aspect ratio of 16:9. Resolution is 1,920 by 1,080.


Features include an HDMI interface, LED backlight driver and pre-installed EDID (extended display identification) which identifies the video source and display hardware so video resolution is appropriate and optimised.


Brightness measures 500cd/m², ensuring reliable performance in a variety of indoor applications and environments, from medical and industrial to marine and defence. Operating temperature range is -10 to 60°C and storage temperature range is -20 to 70°C. Supply voltage is 12Vdc.


Versatility is enhanced with a PCAP and resistive touch panel. Other modifications available are optical bonding, screen enhancements/enhancement films, mounting frames, custom cables and adaptor boards.



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