Honkai Star Rail Welt build

The galaxy is beyond compare, containing an infinite number of possibilities, and Honkai Star Rail’s Welt is always there to tell you about them. A fountain of knowledge with a brilliant mind and a calm temperament, Welt is not only a cornerstone to lean on when your life goes off the tracks, but he’s also a great asset to any team, incapacitating enemies and inflicting them with debuffs to ensure your victory.

If you want to expand your knowledge so you can hold a decent conversation with Welt in the future, be sure to check out our Honkai Star Rail banner guide, Honkai Star Rail codes guide, and our Honkai Star Rail tier list. We’ve also got heaps more build guides just like this, including Honkai Star Rail’s Huohuo, Honkai Star Rail’s Black Swan, and Honkai Star Rail’s March 7th.

Here’s everything you need to know about Honkai Star Rail’s Welt.

What’s the best Honkai Star Rail Welt build?

Best light cone
In the Name of the World

Light cone alternative
Eyes of the Prey

Best relic set
DPS: Wastelander of Banditry DesertDebuffer: Pioneer Diver of Deep Waters

Best planar ornament set
Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise

Main stats

Body: Crit rate
Feet: Speed
Planar sphere: Imaginary damage bonus
Link rope: Attack%


Effect hit rate
Crit rate/damage

When building Welt, you want to primarily focus on effect hit rate to maximize his utility, along with crit rate, crit damage, attack, and imaginary damage where possible.

His best light cone is In the Name of the World. Both a full set of Wastelander of Banditry Desert or Pioneer Diver of Deep Waters works well with a two-piece set of Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise. Keep reading for a more detailed breakdown and some more accessible alternatives.

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How should I use Welt?

Honkai Star Rail’s Welt deals some great damage, but his core responsibility in most teams is his utility. He excels at imprisoning and slowing enemies, often incapacitating them and allowing other teammates to come in and finish the job. As one of only a few imaginary damage characters in the current roster, he’s also extremely valuable when facing off against enemies with imaginary damage weakness.

Use Welt’s skill to slow the enemy, delaying their turns and making room for your attackers to deal more damage. Then, when it’s charged, use Welt’s ultimate to deal massive imaginary damage and imprison enemies, slowing them further.

What are the best light cones for Welt?

In the Name of the World is a five-star light cone designed specifically for Welt. Its increased hit rate helps ensure his imprisonment and slow debuffs snag as many enemies as possible, allowing you to sweep through most battles in a breeze.

However, as it’s a five-star light cone obtainable through gacha, you’ll need a sprinkle of luck from the RNG gods to snag it. If you want to equip him with something in the meantime, aim for something that also increases his effect hit rate where possible, and ensure it also aligns with the path of Nihility. Sampo’s Eyes of the Prey light cone is a strong four-star option.

Light cone
How to obtain

In the Name of the World 
Increases Welt’s damage to debuffed enemies by 20%. Using Welt’s skill raises the effect hit rate and attack stats by 20% each

Eyes of the Prey 
Increases Welt’s effect hit rate by 20% and increases DoT by 24%

At the beginning of the battle, Welt’s effect hit rate increases by 20% for three turns
Gacha, treasure chests, quest rewards

What are the best relics for Welt?

As with his light cone, the best relic set for DPS Welt is Wastelander of Banditry Desert due to its increase in imaginary damage and crit rate. Its four-equipped buff suits his skill set perfectly, as he consistently applies debuffs, which means this set consistently increases his damage and crit rate.

The new relic set, Pioneer Diver of Dead Waters, synergizes really well with Welt’s debuffing kit, so is worth trying out if you’re more experienced with the game. Like Wastelander, its four-piece bonus boosts his crit rate and damage, but meshes well with debuff-based teams regardless of element, rather than relying on imprisonment specifically.

We recommend pairing either of these with two pieces of Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise to boost his crit potential on debuffed enemies further. If you’re confident you can get Welt’s speed to 160 or above, you could also give Firmament Frontline: Glamoth  a go!

How to obtain

Wastelander of Banditry Desert
Two equipped: increases imaginary damage by 10% Four equipped: when Welt attacks debuffed enemies, his crit rate increases by 10%. If the enemy is imprisoned, Welt’s crit damage increases by 20%
Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Conflagration in The Xianzhou Luofu’s Stargazer Navalia

Pioneer Diver of Dead Waters
Two equipped: increases damage dealt to enemies with debuff by 12%Four equipped: increases crit rate by 4%. Welt deals 8%/12% increased crit damage to enemies with at least two/three debuffs. After Welt inflicts a debuff on enemy targets, the aforementioned effects increase by 100%, lasting for one turn
Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Dreamdive in Penacony’s The Reverie (Dreamscape)

Musketeer of Wild Wheat
Two equipped: increases Welt’s attack by 12%Four equipped: increases Welt’s speed by 6% and his basic attack damage by 10%
Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Drifting in Jarilo-VI’s Corridor of Fading Echoes

Planar ornaments

How to obtain

Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise
Two equipped: increases Welt’s effect hit rate by 10%. Meanwhile, Welt’s attack increases by an amount equal to 25% of the current hit rate, up to a maximum of 25% bonus
Immersion Reward devices in World 5 of the Simulated Universe

Firmament Frontline: Glamoth
Two equipped: increases Welt’s attack by 12%. When his speed is equal to or higher than 135/160, Welt deals 12%/18% more damage
Immersion Reward devices in World 8 of the Simulated Universe

Relic stat recommendations

Main stats:

Body: Crit rate
Feet: Speed
Planar sphere: Imaginary damage bonus
Link rope: Attack%


Effect hit rate
Crit rate/damage

What’s the best team comp for Welt?

Honkai Star Rail team comps are highly dependent on which enemies you’re facing as they all have different weaknesses, but Welt still synergizes better with certain heroes than others. He typically fills the sub-DPS role alongside fast attackers like Honkai Star Rail’s Seele and Honkai Star Rail’s Imbibitor Lunae.

Here’s an example of a strong Welt team comp:

Main DPS

Honkai Star Rail Seele iconSeele
HSR Welt iconWelt
HSR AstaAsta
HSR BailuBailu

Honkai Star Rail's We;t chatting to Himeko in the VIP lounge of the Reverie Hotel in Penacony

What are Welt’s abilities?

Active skills:


Basic attack: Gravity Suppression (single attack)
Deal 50% of Welt’s attack as imaginary damage to a target enemy

Skill: Edge of the Void (Bounce)
Slash the enemy three times, each dealing 36% of Welt’s attack as imaginary damage to a random target. On hit, there’s a 65% base chance to reduce the target’s speed by 10% for two turns

Ultimate: Synthetic Black Hole (AoE)
Deal 90% of Welt’s attack as imaginary damage to all enemies. There’s a 100% base chance for the enemies hit by this ability to be imprisoned. Imprisoned enemies’ actions are delayed by 32% and their speed is reduced by 10%



Talent: Time Distortion
If he hits an enemy that is already slowed, Welt deals an additional 30% of his attack as imaginary damage to the target



Gravitational Imprisonment
After Welt uses his technique, he creates a small zone that lasts for 15 seconds. Enemies who enter it are slowed. Upon entering a battle in the zone, there’s a 100% chance for a target enemy to be imprisoned. Imprisoned enemies’ actions are delayed by 20% and their speed is reduced by 10%



Increase Welt’s ultimate damage by 25%

Using Welt’s ultimate additionally regenerates ten energy

Deals 20% more damage to enemies inflicted with weakness break

What are Welt’s eidolons?

Eidolons are similar to Genshin Impact’s constellations. They’re bonuses you unlock by pulling duplicates of a character. Here are all of Welt’s eidolons.


Level one – Legacy of Honor
After using his ultimate, Welt’s abilities are enhanced. The next two times he uses his basic attack or skill deals additional damage to the target equal to 50% of his base attack or 80% of his skill’s damage multiplier respectively

Level two – Conflux of Stars
When you trigger Welt’s talent, he regenerates three energy

Level three – Prayer of Peace 
Increases Welt’s skill level by two, to a maximum of 15, and his basic attack level by one, to a maximum of ten

Level four – Appellation of Justice
Increases the base chance for Welt’s skill to inflict a speed reduction by 35%

Level five – Power of Kindness
Increases Welt’s ultimate level by two, to a maximum of 15, and the level of his talent by two, to a maximum of ten

Level six – Prospect of Brilliance
When using Welt’s skill, deal additional damage one time to a random enemy

Honkai Star Rail Welt reaching towards the camera.

What are Welt’s ascension materials?

You can use character EXP materials to ascend Welt all the way to level 80, but you’ll need to pay a little extra at specific ascension milestones along the way. Here are all the materials you need for each ascension rank.

You can get Silvermane badges, insignias, and medals from Silvermane guard enemies, assignment rewards, the ember exchange shop, or by exchanging materials in the omni-synthesizer. For the golden crown of the past shadow, you’ll need to face off against the Honkai Star Rail stagnant shadow in Jarilo-VI’s corridor of fading echoes.

Required level

Five Silvermane badge

Ten Silvermane badge

Six Silvermane insignia and three golden crown of the past shadow

Nine Silvermane insignia and seven golden crown of the past shadow

Six Silvermane medal and 20 golden crown of the past shadow

Nine Silvermane medal and 35 golden crown of the past shadow

What are Welt’s trace materials?

Traces are bonus abilities that boost a character’s basic attack and skills. To max out all of Welt’s traces, you’ll need the following materials:

41 Silvermane badges, 56 Silvermane insignias, and 58 Silvermane medals

Obtain from synthesis, Silvermane Guard enemies, and simulated universe enemies

15 obsidian of dread, 72 obsidian of desolation, and 139 obsidian of obsession

Obtain from the Bud of Nihility crimson calyx in the Great Mine, synthesis, and the embers exchange

12 destroyer’s final roads

Obtain from the Destruction’s Beginning echo of war on the Herta Space Station Supply Zone

11 tracks of destiny

Obtain from events, simulated universe rewards, the embers exchange, and nameless honor

Three million credits

Skill trace priority:

Talent > Skill > Ultimate > Basic

Major trace priority:

Retribution > Judgment > Punishment

That’s everything we’ve got on Honkai Star Rail’s Welt. While you’re here, hop on over to our Genshin Impact tier list, Zenless Zone Zero preview, and Genshin Impact codes guide for more from Hoyoverse. We’ve also got build guides for Genshin Impact’s Bennett, Genshin Impact’s Xiao, and Genshin Impact’s Albedo.

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