How old is Riju in Tears of The Kingdom? (TotK)


Nintendo has done it again with the release of Tears of The Kingdom. A sprawling map full to bursting with curious characters, side quests, and a lot of familiar faces. Link has one of the biggest areas ever seen in a Zelda game to explore, leaving players marveling at even the core storyline completion time. One of the familiar faces to return to the franchise is Riju, the leader of the Gerudo, but the question on everyone’s lips is, how old is she in Tears of The Kingdom? With a little investigation, the answer can be found.

How old is Riju in Tears of The Kingdom?

Lady Riju first appeared as a child in Breath of The Wild, but some time has passed since then. Her age is confirmed in the artbook for Breath of The Wild, stating that she is just 12 years old despite the heavy burden of leadership on her shoulders. Riju’s age is obvious when you pay attention to the clues around her. Her room is filled with stuffed toys and other childish things.

how old riju tears of the kingdom

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The sequel to Breath of The Wild takes place about three to five years after. Tears of The Kingdom will therefore put Riju at about 17 years old. When you first get to Gerudo town, you can find her bedroom just behind the throne room. 

In the room, there are all the trappings of a children’s sleeping place. She still has the stuffed toys, which I took great pleasure in throwing around the room. She also keeps a diary. The diary isn’t necessarily a sign of a young woman, but the writing hints at how old Riju is in Tears of The Kingdom.

Nothing is confirmed until Nintendo opens up more about the lore of the game. This is usually released along with some of the promotional material, such as the artbooks and extra materials. You will have to wait and see the final answer when they decide to let us know how old Riju is in Tears of The Kingdom. Nintendo is notoriously vague.

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