How to beat Cynthia Weaver in Alan Wake 2


There are a few tough boss fights you’ll come across in this survival horror game. One of them in Cynthia Weaver, and we’ll teach you how to beat her in Alan Wake 2.

During ‘Return 5: Old Gods’, you’ll eventually face off against the Taken version of this old lady, and she isn’t as innocent as you may think. Here’s how to defeat her.

Alan Wake 2: Cynthia Weaver boss guide

She’s a tough cookie to crack, and takes a bit of thinking to take down. But you must defeat her to save Tor Anderson, your grandfather. Since she’s a lot to handle, here are some tips on how to beat Cynthia Weaver in Alan Wake 2.

How to turn on the power

Once you make it to the main boss fight area, you’ll realize that you need power to turn the lights on and reveal Cynthia. To do so, you need to turn on the generator, as all games love making you do during scary situations.

The generator isn’t in this area, though. You’re in a circular room, and there’s an outer ring around this room that you’ll need to get to. You should see an entrance to this ring along the walls of this room. The only problem is that most of the room is filled with water, and anytime you’re wading through the water you’re in immediate danger.

Make sure you’re not in the water for too long, always find areas of land to climb on when making your way through this area. If she does end up getting to you, she’ll dish out a pretty tough attack and damage your health immensely.

How To Beat Cynthia Weaver Alan Wake 2 Power
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Once you make your way to the outer ring, you’ll have to keep walking around to eventually find a climbable area behind a torn-down wired fence. Make your way up, and turn on the power by pumping the generator three times.

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How to defeat Cynthia Weaver

Now that the power’s back on, make your way back to the center of the room where the button is to turn on the lights. You still need to avoid staying in the water for too long, just run from the ripples of water if they get too close, which is where Cynthia is.

Once you hit the power button, the room will change drastically. The water’s gone, and you can now head down the stairs to the lower level. Cynthia will now be out and available for you to shoot. Remember to Flashlight Boost her to remove her darkness shield.

How To Beat Cynthia Weaver Alan Wake 2 Water
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Cynthia has an annoying move where she throws a gust of water out in your direction. I had a pretty tough time dodging this one, even when I thought I was hiding behind cover. I liked to use the large pillar in the middle of the room to hide. Just try to dodge to the side at the correct time, and it shouldn’t stagger you.

This fight is all about getting those hits in while avoiding her water attacks. It may take some time, but eventually she’ll fall to the ground. She’s not dead just yet, though. Cynthia will start running at you frantically, swinging her frail arms at you.

How To Beat Cynthia Weaver Alan Wake 2 Ground
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Shoot her enough times, and Cynthia will finally fall. This one’s a tough fight to tackle, but you finally did it! Now you can move onto the next chapter, or switch characters to try out Alan’s story instead.

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Alan Wake 2 is available on the Epic Games Store, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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