How to Get the JAK Raven Kit in Modern Warfare 3


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Image: Sledgehammer Games

While there are a set number of weapons in Modern Warfare 3, there are some mods that will completely change how your guns work. Today we will talk about one of those. Here is how to get the JAK Raven Kit in Modern Warfare 3.

Modern Warfare 3: How to Get the JAK Raven Kit

The JAK Raven Kit is one of the many Aftermarket Parts available and introduced in Modern Warfare 3. Basically, these Aftermarket Parts will change the weapon’s functionality. They will change the way it works to the point that it works as a different weapon type. In the case of the MCW, a great assault rifle, we have the JAK Raven Kit., It will increase its mid-range and reduce its damage. You will have a hybrid of an assault rifle and a submachine gun as a result. To unlock it, you will have to complete a total of five Week 1 Challenges. If you missed it, once Season 1 starts, it will be unlocked through the Armory by having its challenge. Here are the pros and cons of the JAK Raven Kit in Modern Warfare 3.

Now, once you have unlocked the JAK Raven Kit, which you can find in the Weekly Challenges tab, you will also need to level up your MCW to level 28. That means that you will have to play a decent amount of matches to level up your MCW to be able to use the JAK Raven Kit. Makes sense since the Aftermarket Parts are a way to bring some variation to weapons that could feel repetitive due to the amount invested in leveling them up.

Modern Warfare 3 Jak Raven Kit
Image: Sledgehammer Games

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If you unlocked the JAK Raven Kit during Modern Warfare 3 Week 1 and you have the MCW at level 28, be sure to give it a try in small maps. The JAK Raven Kit will reduce the MCW’s damage and range but it will increase its accuracy, fire rate, mobility, and handling significantly. Just treat it as another weapon and you’ll be good to go.

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