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After some frights? Well, they’re all at the GPO Transylvania Island. Introduced in Update 9, this island is home to all sorts of Halloween-themed foes and a brand new boss to pair. All the fun begins at Transylvania and this guide tells you how to get there and get started!

Grand Piece Online, more commonly known as GPO, is one of many Roblox experiences inspired by the GRAND anime One Piece! You can scavenge lands separated by vast oceans to seek mysterious and powerful fruit. Destroy rival pirates and traverse the grand seas to become the strongest! With intense boss fights, fun NPC quests, and a crew to enlist, there is no shortage of things to do!

You can check out GPO over on Roblox. Before you set sail we have other GPO guides. GPO Dullahan Race Guide, and GPO True Demon Baal Drops. Want to try something new? Why not try our Haze Piece Races Guide?

GPO Transylvania

Not the hotel kind… The island kind

Why Go To Transylvania?

This dingy area doesn’t offer many visuals. Its foggy and littered with ghouls such as Wandering Souls, and Zombies. These new mobs provide the drops needed to summon the reimagined boss, Ba’al, who is a monstrous pumpkin beast with two phases and limited time drops. (We covered some stuff on Ba’al!) GPO Resurrected Ba’al Guide – Location, Drops, and More.

Some of the points of interest around Transylvania are the following:

The Altar that allows you to resurrect Ba’alThe portal to Hell that takes you to the second phase Ba’al, known as True Demon Ba’alThe Dullahan fighting style trainer

How To Get To Transylvania Island

This event area is accessible to all players since it is located within the First Sea. That said, it isn’t a breeze to clear and progress in so you may want to grind some levels first. If you don’t have a means for transportation you can give it a go by parkouring over rock piles leading towards Transylvania. The easiest way to visit Transylvania is listed below for convenience.

Begin by heading to Shells Town which is located North North West from the Town of Beginnings.Board your vessel at the Shells Town dock and head West.You’ll pass the Baratie’s Restaurant (Hi Sanji!) and Orange Town as you travel.Eventually, you’ll head into a foggy area and the island in sight is Transylvania


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