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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty players who have thoroughly explored the Hidden Village hub area will have ventured across a meditating man. He’s obviously very into his meditation. Trying to interact with him doesn’t result in any dialog, which seems a little bit rude. We have ways of making him talk, though. Here is our guide on how to interact with the meditating man in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

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Wo Long – Steps on how to interact with the meditating man

People might turn to meditation for any number of reasons. The guy in Wo Long isn’t clear on his, especially when you first meet him after you open the back door of Zhu Xia’s house in Hidden Village. You can hop to an island and find him sitting cross-legged on the ground.

To interact with the meditating man in Wo Long, you first need to get a little help from his concerned wife. By the time you explore the Hidden Village enough to find the meditating man, you’ll probably also meet a woman who asks if you have seen her missing husband. Although it’s not immediately apparent, she is referring to the meditating man.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Meditating Man Wife Taking A Trip

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Talk to her three times in succession and the woman expresses her intention to look beyond the village walls to find her missing spouse. You then need to meet her in three sub-battlefield areas that become available after you clear the appropriate main battlefields in Parts 5, 6, and 7 of the campaign.

The traveling wife

The three sub battlefields where you should talk to the meditating man’s wife are ‘The Uninhibited Heart,’ ‘Let’s Make Our Armor Shine,’ and ‘Let’s Make Our Halberds Shine.’ At each location, you must talk to her several times in succession and agree to loan her money.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Meditating Man Uninhibited Heart

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The Uninhibited Heart

She’s waits not far from the ladder that descends to the sewer area. Before you descend, look for her in the area around the wall and to the right from the top of that ladder.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Meditating Man Lets Make Our Armor Shine

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Let’s Make Our Armor Shine!

Work your way through the stage until you reach the second battle flag. Climb the ladder beyond it and cross along some docks where you can untie a boat. Past the end of those docks, climb two ladders to reach the top of a large battleship. From there, start across the deck until you reach some steps descending to the lower levels. Descend to the ship’s middle deck and check along its far back side to find the man’s wife.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Meditating Man Lets Make Our Halberds Shine

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Let’s Make Our Halberds Shine!

After the second battle flag, you come to a series of houses with enemies patrolling. To complete the stage, you must eventually climb to the roof of a well-guarded house. That rooftop has a large hole you would normally drop through to find the treasure and complete the stage. In this case, however, you should look around a bit first. You’ll spot a small fenced-in area where the woman you seek stands in a corner. Talk to her before you complete the stage.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Meditating Man Interaction

Remember that each time you find the woman in a sub battlefield, you must keep talking until she borrows some money. Giving her the requested loan prompts her journey to the next location. Otherwise, she’ll stay put.

Chat with the meditating man — at last

Once you lend the woman money in all three sub battlefields, travel to Hidden Village. There, you can finally interact with the meditating man in Wo Long. After you do so, talk to his grateful wife a few times to receive a monetary reward. If you don’t find her back in Hidden Village at first, visit another sub battlefield and then try again.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is available on Steam and the Xbox marketplace.

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