How to Refund Helldivers 2

Sony recently announced that they will require players to link their Steam to PSN accounts to continue playing Helldivers 2. This did not sit well with most of the community, as the sudden insertion of a mandatory policy should have been stated from the beginning. Players are understandably furious with this decision, which has led to many review-bombing the Helldivers 2 and refunding the game. However, due to Steam’s policy of no returns after two weeks, many need clarification about whether they can get their money back.

Can you Refund Helldivers 2

Despite having a policy of no refunds for games beyond two weeks after purchase and having more than two hours of gameplay, Steam made an exception with Helldivers 2 players due to the recent policy changes. Aside from the high demand for refunds, Valve allowed refunds because the mandatory PSN linking violated specific Steam policies. 

When you refund Helldivers 2, you might get rejected on your first try. This is because the first review is entirely automated, so the bot will only check the eligibility of your appeal. However, if you send multiple requests, there is a higher chance of getting a refund for the game.

How to Refund Helldivers 2

After the policy change for Helldivers 2, Steam is more than willing to refund games. Initially, you had to send in multiple requests until you got a manual review from the customer service reps. However, Valve has become more lenient and will refund the game on your first few appeals.

To refund Helldivers 2, you need to follow the same steps as you did when requesting any game on Steam. Here are the basic steps for doing this:

Log in to your Steam AccountGo to Help and then choose Steam SupportGo to Purchases and select the game you want to refundChoose the “I’d like to request a refund” optionChoose the refund method and submit the request

You can also indicate your reason for getting a refund, which would greatly help your case. If your request is denied after multiple attempts, you might have to send several appeals and be as specific as possible. If you’re getting rejected, your appeal might be bot-reviewed, so you want to keep sending appeals until an actual person checks your request.

You should include some words in your request to increase your chances of getting a refund. You want to say that you want a refund because Sony retroactively changed a specific game TOS that you never agreed with, which violates Steam policy. You can also specify that you reside in a region that does not have PSN enabled, which means you will be locked out of the game.

Why Did Sony Decide on a Mandatory PSN Linking

Sony’s announcement of mandatory PSN linking was said to be a move for better moderation. Some developers agreed that doing so would allow them to monitor and issue bans more effectively. However, many believe Sony changed its stance on linking PSN for other capitalistic reasons.

Many believe Sony is doing this to farm more data and numbers for investors. By linking Steam accounts to PSN, they can boost the number of active players on the platform to attract more business opportunities. This implies they will be farming data they can use for their marketing. However, Sony is known for having insecure data security, as they have been prone to data leaks for the past decade.

Due to Sony’s inability to provide data security, many want to avoid connecting their Steam to PSN. However, the main reason why players don’t want to agree with the account linking is that this decision was enacted months after the game was released. Players are understandably upset that this is not what they signed up for. Policies like this are usually indicated from the beginning, so players can opt out of getting the game if they disagree with the terms.

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