How to Unlock and Use Scatter Mines in Modern Warfare 3


These might provide smaller explosions, but that doesn’t mean that this equipment is useless. Quite the contrary! Here is how to unlock and use Scatter Mines in Modern Warfare 3.

Modern Warfare 3: How to Unlock and Use Scatter Mines

While you might expect and be ready to make use of the infamous Armory Unlocks feature, the truth is that to unlock Scatter Mines in Modern Warfare 3, all you need to know is to level up to level 18. Complete Daily and Weekly Challenges to gain a good amount of experience points. You can also farm XP by playing Kill Confirmed, which will grant you experience by picking up both the enemy’s and ally’s dog tags. Once you get to level 18, you will be able to allocate the Scatter Mine to your Tactical slot.

Modern Warfare 3 Scatter Mines Unlock
Image: PC Invasion

While this piece of equipment is under the Tactical banner, that doesn’t mean that the Scatter Mines don’t carry enough explosive power to deal with unsuspecting enemies. You see, once you drop the Scatter Mines, it will explode into little pieces that will spread across the area it originally dropped. These small pieces will explode whenever an enemy Operator steps on them, which will help to deny access to certain protected areas. Position it near tight corridors and entrances and you will be able to hit enemies, which happens to be a Daily Challenge as well.

Modern Warfare 3 Scatter Mines
Image: PC Invasion

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Using this in objective-based matches like Domination and Hardpoint – especially in large maps – will make sure that your team-controlled zones are left intact. Just make sure that you and your team use other pieces of equipment and constant supporting fire to provide a good defensive strategy. Hopefully, your enemy will have a hard time trying to breach your position.

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