Infineon Unveils Cutting-Edge TEGRION Innovations and Pioneering Security Solutions at TRUSTECH 2023

Infineon Technologies AG is set to showcase the latest addition to its TEGRION family at TRUSTECH, a prominent tradeshow for innovative payment and identification solutions. The TEGRION SLC26G, a security controller designed for demanding identity and government ID applications, promises next-level security, efficiency, and performance.The TEGRION SLC26G facilitates the swift implementation of operating systems and corresponding applications in ePassports, national eIDs, and eHealth Care systems. It ensures the highest levels of security, speed, and power efficiency, crucial for government ID applications. Featuring Very High Bit Rates (VHBR) for ultra-fast contactless communication, this advancement integrates Infineon’s 28 nm technology, meeting stringent security standards.

Moreover, Infineon, in collaboration with Bundesdruckerei GmbH and Fraunhofer Institute for Applied and Integrated Security (AISEC), presents a groundbreaking demonstrator for an electronic passport designed to withstand the security challenges posed by quantum computing. This marks a significant stride in Post Quantum Cryptography (PQC), ensuring contactless data transmission between the ePassport and border control terminal remains secure.

Visitors to the mini airport booth can experience the convenience of seamless payment with SECORA Pay X, demonstrated in a pop-up manicure salon designed for contactless payment. Infineon is also partnering with Fingerprints to develop SECORA Pay Bio, enhancing biometric payment cards for faster and more hygienic transactions.In a unique display of innovation, a pop-up fingernail salon at the Infineon booth, presented by Smart Chip Switzerland, offers attendees the chance to test the SECORA Pay X solution directly on their fingernails for on-the-go payment. The booth will also showcase various wearable payment devices, such as rings, bracelets, key fobs, and watches, all equipped with products from the SECORA Pay or SECORA Connect solution families.

Furthermore, Infineon introduces the CALYPSO move, the first secured memory for simple contactless ticketing based on the Calypso base specification. Addressing the growing demand for digital ticketing in public transport, CALYPSO’s move offers an open standard for secure, convenient, and interoperable ticketing solutions. Attendees can explore a CALYPSO move sample card at the Infineon booth during TRUSTECH.

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