Is Kass in Tears of The Kingdom? (TotK)


Tears of The Kingdom is the complete and highly successful sequel to Breath of The Wild, and boy, have they nailed it. The game has come out to absolutely roaring praise and only furthered the repertoire of classics Nintendo has produced. Many familiar faces have returned for the sequel, including Riju and Tulin, keeping the loyal fans happy. One favorite seems to be missing from the line-up in Tears of The Kingdom so far, though: Kass. The fine feathered friend has been missed out of the promotional material, and so far, the game.

Kass tears of the Kingdom

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Is Kass in Tears of The Kingdom?

So far, no, he isn’t. Players have failed to find this hero amongst the hundreds of NPC’s available throughout the massive open-word of Tears of The Kingdom. Kass, the minstrel of the Zelda universe, can’t be found collecting his songs anywhere. He would usually be the point of contact for all your Hyrulian beats, but alas, not this time.

This isn’t to say he won’t turn up later. There will undoubtedly be DLC released for Tears of The Kingdom, and I expect that he will be a part of them. What makes me so sure of this is his family’s presence in the game. They refer to him directly as ‘dad’, which implies that perhaps he is just temporarily absent and will be included later on. I’m sure he will have an adequate excuse for his tardiness.

A fan favorite

Twitter is up in arms about the lack of everyone’s favorite bard, with cries for his rapid return. Whether Nintendo has plans to bring him back or not, they may just end up bowing to peer pressure. A little extra music never hurt anyone. Perhaps, as the game develops, and the inevitable updates and DLC emerge, we may see him swooping in to steal our hearts once again.

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