It Looks Like Call Of Duty: Black Ops 6 Will Release On PS4

After it was already leaked, we finally got official confirmation that this year’s Call Of Duty title would indeed be Call Of Duty: Black Ops 6.

We also know we won’t have to wait very long to find out more about this years entry in the long-running franchise, because Xbox will host a Black Ops 6-specific showcase immediately following its more general showcase for all the projects it is ready to share.

The fact that we’re soon to get a bunch of official information however hasn’t stopped the leaks, and the latest seemingly comes from a GameStop employee, which reveals that Black Ops 6 will be releasing on PS4, as well as PS5.

In an image posted to Reddit, an email is photographed which lists SKU’s for Black Ops 6 to be pre-ordered, listing a SKU for the PS5 release, Xbox Series X, and PS4.

This is the arguably the most revealing leak yet, because knowing that it was made to still run on previous-gen hardware implies Treyarch won’t have made an effort to push technical boundaries with this year’s entry.

That it’ll be releasing on PS4 doesn’t necessarily mean we won’t see features only accessible on PS5 and current-gen platforms. Having different feature-sets for what’s available on the platform you’re on has become par for the course in this longer-than-usual transition between console generations.

It’s also not entirely surprising that the previous generation will continue to be supported, following reports that the PS4 community still represents half of the entire base of PlayStation players.

As we head into the fourth year of this new console generation, the question still remains, will this be the final one for PS4 and last-gen console support? Only time will tell.

Source – [CharlieIntel on Twitter]

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