Largest Battlefield team ever is creating a “tremendous live-service” experience, says EA

While it launched with a myriad of issues, jumping in to collect the Battlefield 2042 achievements now is a far different experience thanks to a host of updates and improvements for the game. Still, 2042 won’t be replacing Battlefield 1 on our list of the best Xbox first-person shooters at this point — this leaves us waiting for the next games, which, according to EA, now have the largest Battlefield team ever working on them.

The next Battlefield games have the largest team ever working on them

Battlefield 2042

During EA’s recent quarterly earnings call (via VGC), CEO Andrew Wilson revealed that the combined efforts of Criterion, DICE, Motive, and Ripple Effect make it the “largest Battlefield team in franchise history,” and Wilson is enthusiastic about what he has seen from the teams.

“A few weeks ago, I was visiting with the teams, and I couldn’t be more excited about what they showed and what we were able to play,” Wilson said, later adding, “I’ve just spent a whole bunch of time with the collective Battlefield team playing what they’re building and it is going to be another tremendous live service.”

Earlier this year, EA laid off 5% of its workforce (around 670 employees), canceled Respawn Entertainment’s rumored Mandalorian FPS game, and folded Battlefield studio Ridgeline Games into Ripple Effect.

That was then followed by an announcement in April that Dead Space remake developer Motive Studio has joined the other teams to work on new Battlefield games, although Motive’s Iron Man project is still going ahead. As a result, Season 7 is the last full season we’ll see arrive in Battlefield 2042 as EA’s focus turns to the next games in the franchise.

Battlefield 2042 is the spearhead for a “connected Battlefield universe,” as DICE strives to become a “first-person shooter powerhouse.” While EA is yet to reveal what exactly this “connected universe” will include, it’s reported that a single-player campaign is in development and a Call of Duty Warzone-style free-to-play game is expected to drop alongside the next mainline game in October 2025.

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