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Rumors about a potential collaboration between Fortnite and LEGO have been swirling around for weeks. Thanks to a series of leaks, some key information about the reported crossover has also emerged so here’s everything we know about the Fortnite X LEGO crossover, including the leaked release date.

Fortnite remains as eventful as ever, the Battle Royale title has released plenty of content recently, including the massively successful Fortnite OG update. With the record-breaking Chapter 4 Season 5 nearing its conclusion, the focus is slowly shifting towards Chapter 5. But before the curtains are drawn over Fortnite OG, Epic Games are said to have some incredible surprises in store.

According to leaks, the current season will end with a bang and will even feature legendary rapper Eminem. Besides this, the game is also expected to host a collaboration with LEGO so here’s everything we know about the Fortnite X LEGO crossover so far.

Fortnite X LEGO crossover: Leaked release date

While there is no confirmation from the devs on a Fortnite X LEGO crossover, according to leaks from insiders including HYPEX, it will release on December 7, 2023. Keep in mind that the date is yet to be confirmed and could see a change in the future.

Fortnite X LEGO mode leaked

While there is no confirmation from the devs on a Fortnite X LEGO crossover, LEGO’s X account dropped a strong tease as they posted an image of Fortnite’s Supply Llama made entirely out of LEGO. The tease further fueled speculation about the event and coincided with a series of leaks. This includes a pretty major leak from known insider HYPEX that carries a ton of information about the content itself.

According to the leak, the event will come with a brand-new game mode featuring a playable LEGO character. The mode itself is expected to function like Minecraft as players can mine ores, craft and build items, sleep at camps, and more. Besides all this, it will also feature vendors and enemies to fight.

Here are some of the leaked in-game items coming with the Fortnite X LEGO crossover:

LEGO Stud Gun
Catapults (& Prankster Catapults)
Map Markers
Trinkets (Bugg Gear/ Potions)

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