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LinkedIn Adds New Tools for Job Seekers, Including Updated Job Alert Systems

LinkedIn has added some new tools for job seekers, which will help to get them on the radar of more recruiters, while also enabling them to stay on top of the latest job listings as they come to hand in the app.

First off, LinkedIn has added a new element to its Open-to-Work option, which signals to recruiters and profile visitors that you’re open to employment offers.

Now, when you switch on Open-to-Work via your profile settings, LinkedIn’s system will also help you set up job alerts, so you can stay on top of relevant job listings.

LinkedIn job search update

That’ll ensure that you’re among the first to know about the latest openings, while LinkedIn’s also adding a new option in the coming weeks that will enable you to register your interest in working for an organization from their company page.

LinkedIn job search update

LinkedIn further notes that turning on Open-to-Work, either privately or in public, increases your chances of being messaged by a recruiter by 2x, while members who add the Open-To-Work profile frame are 40% more likely to receive messages from Recruiters.

In combination, these new tools could help you stay on top of emerging opportunities as they come up.

In addition to this, LinkedIn’s also adding a new ‘Hiring in my network’ filter for job searches, which will show who among your first and second-degree connections is recruiting at any given time.

LinkedIn job search update

As per LinkedIn:

“Now, it’s easier to tap into the power of not only your 1st-degree network but also 2nd-degree to support you on your job search. When you visit the Jobs tab on LinkedIn you can easily see who is hiring in your network – and your network’s network – so you can reach out to learn more about the opportunity or for a referral.”

LinkedIn’s also expanding its Skills Match listings on open roles, which displays how your listed skills match up with those in the position, while it’s also soon enable you to share your resume details with all recruiters in the app, in order to expand your opportunities.

“Once enabled, when recruiters search for specific skills, experiences, education, or keywords that match your resume, you’ll show up in their search-making it easier for recruiters to find and reach out to you.

LinkedIn job search update

In other words, you’re expanding your potential search matches for open roles by giving recruiters more info to go on, beyond your LinkedIn profile alone, which could help to broaden your matches for open roles.

These updates will provide a range of new opportunities for job seekers in the app, with more capacity to signal interest, and maximize traction with recruiters.

And while they’re all relatively minor in isolation, combined, they could have significant sway in your job search process.

Either way, if you’re looking for a new role, it could be worth checking out these new elements, and seeing if they help in your process.

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