LittleBigPlanet Dev Talks About The Time He Got Drunk With An Xbox Rep

So, Xbox once tried getting its hands on LittleBigPlanet by getting since-left studio co-founder Mark Healey boozed up. Even if the two weren’t drunk, he still would’ve said “no.”

Healey spoke on an episode of MinnMax (thanks, Xbox Nerds) about the time he talked to an Xbox rep while out drinking. Apparently, during the early stages of the game’s development, Microsoft was keen on getting it onto its console. Funnily enough, there was nothing truly stopping the developer from hopping to Xbox if they wanted. Sony didn’t own the IP and he noted that he’s pretty sure no written agreement was inked that Media Molecule would continue working with Sony.

Regardless, though, Healey noted that even if the duo were sober and the rep had a compelling argument, he would still reject the offer, believing it would be “morally corrupt” and that the studio already had a good relationship with Sony, so it was really a “done deal.” Meanwhile, he also gave a sly indicator that despite being “unsure,” there very well could’ve been some legal binding between the LBP dev and Sony, but regardless, we couldn’t imagine the PS brand without everyone’s favorite sack creature.

What do you think? What mascot would replace Sackboy during the PS3 era if it did become an Xbox project? Let us know below!

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