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Lords Mobile x Armored Combat Worldwide Was the Most-Exciting Event in the Strategy Game’s Eight Year History – Gamezebo

Lords Mobile might be about to turn eight years old, a vintage in mobile gaming terms, but it shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, it’s just held its most exciting event to date, thanks to a collaboration with Armored Combat Worldwide. It goes by the title Lords Mobile x Armored Combat Worldwide, and it saw Lords Mobile brought to life, in the actual real world.

That’s right, 300 trained combatants donned branded mediaeval armour and weapons and participated in a real-life guild war. It wasn’t quite to the death, as the weapons were blunted, but it’s as close as you can get to Lords Mobile’s blend of strategy and mediaeval warfare without inventing a time machine.

There was an epic 150 vs 150 match, but also a number of 5 vs 5 battles. The winners of these were then given flags that they paraded in a final ceremony.

If that wasn’t enough there were also cosplayers dressed as various characters from the game on the sidelines, with Lords Mobile banners and flags everywhere. It was an amazing event, and you can see from these images how much courage, perseverance, and fighting spirit were on display.

It all kicked off with a series of in-game events. The first was a simple login event, which rewarded you with Combat Coins daily. You could spend these on themed rewards, including Avatars, Emotes, and Artifacts. For further rewards, you could also take on the Armored Soul, a collab-exclusive monster. Pull it off, and an absolute ton of rewards were up for grabs.

The remainder of the event was split in two, with each pitting guilds against each other to determine who would have their logo and name emblazoned on the real-life armour the ACW combatants would wear. Event one, Guild Fest, ran between September 11 – 17, and saw the two winning guilds feature on the equipment worn by the two 150-strong ACW teams in the ultimate clash. More on that shortly.

Meanwhile, Armored Clash, also held in September, was the second in-game event. It pitted guilds against each other across three rounds, with the four top ranking guilds having their names and logos appear on the four ACW semi-finalists during that particular bout. 

All of the winning guilds from both events received five tickets each for the real-life event, which included hotel accommodation and an exclusive merchandise gift pack. Tickets were also handed out on social media to lucky players, which saw a ton of real-life Lords Mobile players watching the actual clash. As we mentioned earlier, that saw two teams of 150 fully-trained real-life warriors battling against each other in a genuine guild battle.

It’s the perfect collaboration for Lords Mobile. Both the game and ACW have a passion for mediaeval warfare, even if they do bring it to life in different ways. Lords Mobile sees it play out on your phone, while ACW does the same thing in real life. It was the perfect collaboration to bring Lords Mobile to life, and it culminated in ACW designing a perfect replica of the ‘Oathkeeper’s Armour’ set. You can also follow Lords Mobile on Facebook to get notified of any exciting future events. 

As you can probably tell, now is a terrific time to get involved with Lords Mobile. You can grab it on the App Store, Google Play, or Steam right now to check it out.


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