Manor Lords Mods Aren’t Even Supported Yet, But Someone Put Shrek in Anyway

Manor Lords launched for PC players late last month, and it only took about a week for modders to add Shrek as a playable character.

The animated ogre icon can now be used to terrorize innocent medieval citizens thanks to developer NorskPL on Nexus Mods. It’s a simple mod that allows players to control Shrek as part of Manor Lords’ third-person Visit mode. Parading around town as the green menace might be a bit immersion-breaking, but there is no denying that the character fits into the setting extremely well.

Manor Lords was one of Steam’s most Wishlisted titles for quite some time, so while developer Slavic Magic hasn’t officially added mod support, it isn’t much of a surprise to see players creating new content on their own. Of course, that also means Shrek is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to some of the project’s currently available mods.

Some highlights allow players to control a Knight or even Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s Henry. Others push things a bit further, like the mod that adds The Witcher’s Geralt as a playable character. Most modifications, however, focus on gameplay tweaks for those who may want to alter the experience. There are also already a wide selection of custom Coat of Arms mods for Halo, Fallout, Berserk, Harry Potter, and more.

One mod in particular allows players to experience Manor Lords in VR. It’s a custom gameplay change so impressive that even developer Slavic Magic couldn’t help but praise it.

Manor Lords Early Access Launch Screenshots

With or without Shrek, we think Manor Lords is a good time. In our 7/10 early access review, we said, “Manor Lords is a gorgeous medieval city-builder that kept me occupied for hours building my perfect, cozy hamlets, but it definitely feels very early in its Early Access development.”

Image credit: NorskPL

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