Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Is Now Available To Pre-Load Ahead Of Next Week’s Release

In one week at time of writing, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will be out and available to all PS5 owners, and one of the most anticipated titles of the year will have arrived.

If you’re incredibly excited for Insomniac’s new double-web-head adventure, you’ve likely already got your copy pre-ordered, and if you’ve done that through the PlayStation Store, you can now pre-load your digital copy.

That means you can download it now and have it ready to play the minute it goes live in your region, and you won’t be stuck waiting on your wi-fi to get the download finished.

As it’s PlayStation’s big release for the year, all the stops have been put out for Spider-Man’s latest entry. There’s a console bundle players will be able to grab beginning next Friday when it launches.

There’s side-plates and a DualSense controller themed to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. There’s even a collaboration with Adidas to release new, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 themed shoes.

For now though, go ahead and run to the PS Store or your mobile PS app and start downloading Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 to be ready for launch.

Source – [Insomniac]

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