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Microsoft brings its Bing chatbot to your fingertips with SwiftKey on Android

Microsoft has added Bing Chat AI to its popular SwiftKey keyboard for Android. The integration started appearing on Wednesday and allows SwiftKey Beta users to quickly access Microsoft’s Bing chatbot at the tap of a button in any app.

The Bing Chat integration inside SwiftKey includes the usual chat mode that offers access to the chatbot, or a tone mode that will rewrite any text right within the keyboard. If you were only using the Bing mobile app to access the chatbot, this new integration makes that app rather redundant if, instead, you’re willing to install and use SwiftKey everywhere.

Microsoft discontinued support for SwiftKey on iOS last year, before quickly returning the app to the App Store. At the time Rezaei said Microsoft will be “investing heavily in the keyboard,” just as the company was preparing to publicly launch an AI-powered version of Bing.

While the iOS version of SwiftKey hasn’t been updated regularly, Microsoft’s AI push will likely see this Bing integration appear on the iPhone keyboard side soon. Microsoft might also be responding to competition from a number of AI-powered keyboards on iOS that include ChatGPT integration. Paragraph AI includes an interface that lets you generate text everywhere and is already rising in popularity on iOS.

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