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Minecraft Reveals Lots of Content Coming in the Next Major Update & More

Today Microsoft and Mojang hosted Minecraft Live 2023, revealing a lot of information on what’s coming to Minecraft over the following months, including the next major update.

We start by hearing the new Star Wars: Path of the Jedi DLC, in which players will be able to join Yoda to train and become a Jedi knight. Of course, Yoda won’t be the only iconic Star Wars character to make an appearance. 

The DLC is coming on November 7 on the Minecraft marketplace and you can take a look at the trailer below. 


Another DLC announced today is Planet Earth III, the third chapter of the DLC series made in collaboration between Minecraft Education and BBC Earth. It’ll come in 2024 in the Minecraft marketplace and Minecraft Education. 

You can check out the trailer below. 


Next, it’s finally time to hear about the next major update for vanilla Minecraft coming next year. The announcement is similar to the one made last year for the Trails & Tales Update, meaning that we don’t get to hear everything today and more features will be shared as we get closer to release.

The next update, numbered 1.21, will focus on combat adventures and tinkering. 

We’re getting a new big multi-room structure named the Trial Chamber. Trial Chambers will be procedurally generated and underground and they will prompt players to face off against various enemies including a new hostile mob. They’re generated using new blocks, copper block sets, Tuff block sets, and new copper bulbs.

The copper bulbs are light-emitting blocks and can oxidize over time, becoming dimmer and dimmer. You can scrape them with an axe to restore their brilliance and wax them. 

The Trial Chambers will include new Trial Spawners that will spawn only a certain amount of mobs and then will go inactive for a long time. They will drop loot once you defeat their mobs and adjust their parameters depending on the number of players nearby. 

The new hostile mob is The Breeze. It moves by jumping and shoots projectiles of wind energy that explode on impact. It can even interact with buttons and trap doors. 

We also get to take a look at the Crafter, introducing automated crafting to Minecraft. It comes with an intuitive UI with toggleable slots for the crafting grid. If an empty slot is clicked with an empty hand, it gets disabled. If a disabled slot is clicked, it becomes enabled to define the crafting recipe. 

Like for the previous update, these features will be available to test in snapshots in the coming weeks before they’re officially added to the game in version 1.21 in 2024. 

Lastly, we learn that the winner of the mob vote which will be implemented in the game is the Armadillo. The Crab ranked second, and the Penguin ranked last. 

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