Missing Your Root of Nightmares Red Border Weapon? Bungie Planning Fix for Destiny 2 Raid Bug


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Root of Nightmares, Destiny 2‘s newest raid featured in the Lightfall expansion, is already being hit with some frustrating bugs. The weekly red border Deepsight weapon chest is not refreshing for some players after the weekly reset, leaving raiders without a safety net for weapon pattern farming. Obtaining weapon patters removes a large chunk of the grind from raiding, so this is an unfortunate bug to say the least.

Destiny 2 Root of Nightmares Red Border Chest Bug

Collecting a certain number of Deepsight weapons will unlock a weapon’s crafting pattern, allowing a Destiny 2 player to customize that weapon with whatever perks they choose instead of farming for a god roll. These weapons are denoted with red borders around their icons and are exceedingly rare, which is why Bungie has implemented certain guaranteed methods to get them like the weekly raid chest. Now, players are locked out of that chest in Root of Nightmares if they’ve opened it once before.

Bungie is currently aware of the issue, however, and a fix will likely be released sometime during the week. Again, getting raid weapon patterns is a huge grind and missing out on a guaranteed weekly red border weapon is a huge disappointment. Bungie has been good about taking care of players during Lightfall’s launch window though, so the developer will hopefully throw a bone to players if the fix comes after the next weekly reset.

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In the meantime, red border Deepsight weapons can still drop from standard Root of Nightmares raid encounters, but the drop rate is still super low. If you haven’t run Root of Nightmares this week, maybe hold off on it until Bungie releases a fix. If you still want to get your raiding fix, you could also just snag a checkpoint right before the red border chest since it’s near the end of the raid.

This isn’t the only issue with this week’s reset, either. Some players are reporting that the weekly bounties from Nimbus on the new Neomuna destination are bugged as well, and some players are locked out of the weekly Partition pinnacle activity on all of their characters as well. Something seems to have broken on the backend this week since Saladin is showing up in the Tower early ahead of next week’s Iron Banner reprisal as well. Stay tuned for more information from Bungie.

– This article was updated on March 15th, 2023

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