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Modern Warfare 3 –

In the 10th mission of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 called Highrise where you will be playing Gaz to assault Konni safehouse, after eliminating the guard at the elevator, you will encounter a helper icon stating “Ascender Required”. Initially, you might think the solution involves finding an item named ‘Ascender’ on the map. Despite searching every corner of the map, you may find no trace of it. This can leave you stuck and feeling confused about how to complete the mission.

The solution is surprisingly simple: there is a ladder right in front of you. This ladder is the key to progressing in the mission. Players often miss this ladder due to the misleading helper icon and the assumption that an ‘Ascender’ item is necessary. However, by utilizing this ladder, you can easily ascend to the upper floor and continue your mission.

This guide should help you bypass this confusing stage and continue your adventure in the HighRise mission. Keep an eye out for such misdirections in games, and remember that sometimes, the simplest solution is the right one.

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