NASA Launches Mission to Explore a Metal Asteroid

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NASA Launches Mission to Explore a Metal Asteroid

A SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket launched the probe from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, beginning a six-year journey to explore an asteroid named Psyche.

“Three, two, one, engine ignition and liftoff. Liftoff of Falcon Heavy and Psyche on a mission to a metal asteroid in deep space to study the building blocks of our planet’s inner space.” “Vehicles pitching downrange.” “[unclear] chamber pressure is nominal.” “[unclear] power telemetry nominal. We’re also looking at the data for all 27 engines and —” “ Falcon is supersonic.” “All chamber pressures look good and Falcon is supersonic now.” “Throttling down in preparation for max-q.” “Side booster separation confirmed.” “Great shot there of the side boosters coming off the rocket.” “And vac engine chill has started.” “And there we start to chill on Stage 2, as we get ready for MECO on the center core. Stage 2 will continue chilling down, making sure the fuel and propellants are flowing through that MVac.” “MECO.” “Stage separation confirmed.” “And there it goes. You’re looking at the second stage in front of you, lighting up its back.” “Ignition.” “Here it comes.” “I don’t know, Darryl, but that sonic boom was great for us. I’m sure Jim is excited over there. There’s the second one. I’m sure the host desk over there is feeling that really well.” “Literally, our monitors were shaking as both those boosters broke the sound barrier.”

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