Naughty Dog Technology Lead, Former Vice President Leaves


Naughty Dog‘s head of technology and formerly vice president Christian Gyrling has announced his departure from the studio. Gyrling worked at Naughty Dog for 17+ years, starting off as a programmer during the early days of Uncharted‘s development.

Gyrling became Naughty Dog’s technology lead this year after a stint as vice president

Gyrling worked his way up at Naughty Dog, becoming vice president in December 2020. After nearly three years in the role, he became the studio’s head of technology in July 2023. News of his departure was announced by Naughty Dog on Twitter, followed by a statement from Gyrling on LinkedIn.

“For the longest time I thought that I would retire at Naughty Dog, as I believe that Naughty Dog is one of the best video game companies out there,” Gyrling wrote in a note on LinkedIn. “However, life happens and environments and aspirations change. I have always enjoyed challenges and now I am taking on some new ones.”

Gyrling didn’t reveal what he plans to do next, but said that he will look forward to playing Naughty Dog games as a consumer. “The games we have created together have changed people’s lives and brought families and friends together,” Gyrling added. “To have been part of that is something that I will forever be proud of.”

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