New Astro Bot Game May Be Announced Soon

A new Astro Bot game is likely to be announced within the next 15 days according to a reliable PlayStation leaker. The game is expected to appear at the much-rumored PlayStation Showcase that was originally thought to be held this month, although more recent reports suggest the event could have slipped to the first weeks of June.

The new game may just be called “Astro Bot”

While the title of the game is not 100% certain, the reliable PlayStation leaker billbil-kun believes it will simply be called “Astro Bot.” A release date for the game wasn’t given, but previous rumors have suggested that Astro Bot will be released this year.

Team ASOBI are reported to be developing the game. Many fans are hoping for a full-length Astro Bot adventure, but all we know so far is that it will seemingly include an environment located in the heart of a desert. There will be several new characters, one of which will be a fennec fox in the form of a robot that has some similarities with Astro himself.

The last full Astro Bot game, Astro Bot Rescue Mission, was a PSVR game. Only smaller Astro Bot games have been available on standard PS4 and PS5 consoles and those served as tech demos to introduce players to new console features. Despite this, the new game is thought to be released exclusively on PS5 and will not require a PSVR 2 headset.

Astro Bot is expected to be revealed at the upcoming PlayStation Showcase alongside a proper reveal of Firewalk Studios’ PS5 exclusive Concord. The show could be announced anytime soon, with insiders suggesting show dates for May 28 or May 29, the latter of which could coincide with a new Days of Play promotion on the PlayStation Store. However, with an announcement today looking increasingly unlikely and Monday being a public holiday in the US, the show date is more likely to be at the start of June instead.

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