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New Google Leak Reveals First Look At Radical New Google Photos Reminder Feature


We now know more about a new and radically different type of feature Google is currently testing for Google Photos, thanks to a new report from prolific software sleuth AssembleDebug.

The new feature, first brought to our attention earlier this September, allows users to set calendar reminders directly from within Google Photos—an unexpected departure from the kind of features typically added to the platform.

Now, AssembleDebug has managed to enable the feature within the latest version (version 6.61) of Google Photos, giving us a first look at the reminder function in action.

According to the report, Google’s new Google Photos reminder function can find and extract date information from a photo and convert it automatically into an event in Google Calendar. For example, viewing a photo of an invitation or ticket will automatically prompt the user to set a reminder for that event or trip. Google Photos will automatically fill in the event details for you based on the content of the photo before giving you a chance to edit them before saving them to your calendar. A link to the original photo is also automatically added to the event.

The prompt to set a reminder won’t appear on every photo; it’s designed specifically for those containing textual event information, opening up new uses for Google Photos beyond cataloging your selfies and holiday snaps. With the new reminders feature in place, it will become equally useful for managing your physical tickets, invitations and bills. Just take a photo of any documents you receive, and Google Photos will help make sure you don’t miss any crucial dates.

Note that the reminder feature is currently under test and unavailable to users. There’s no guarantee that this experimental function will arrive in its current form or even at all. However, Google’s continued development of the feature makes its imminent roll-out highly likely based on previous feature leaks.

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