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Next The King Of Fighters XV DLC Character Hinako Shijo Revealed For Winter


SNK has announced the next The King of Fighters XV DLC character, who will also be the final character available as part of the game’s Fighter Pass.

Hinako Shijo is joining the game’s roster, having been absent from the main series as a playable fighter since 2003 (if you don’t count the free-to-play mobile game The King of Fighters All Star and various cameo appearances, that is).

She’ll join characters like Duo Lon, Najd, and Sylvie Paula Paula, all of whom are available if you pick up the Fighter Pass. You can also get the fighter Goenitz for free; he’s not part of the Fighter Pass.

We don’t know too much about how Hinako Shijo will actually play just yet, but SNK has released a debut trailer for the character that shows off her The King of Fighters XV look.

In previous The King of Fighters games, Hinako has used the art of sumo wrestling to fight, basing her moveset around throws and slaps.

It looks like she’ll continue to use this style in The King of Fighters XV, as her trailer has her using a traditional sumo wrestling pose to introduce herself.

Don’t let her relatively small frame fool you, either; Hinako Shijo is immensely strong, so she can throw larger and heavier fighters with no problem.

Hinako is the final character to be made available as part of The King of Fighters XV’s Fighter Pass, but that doesn’t mean she’ll be the final DLC character. More may be on the way; we’ll have to wait and see.

The King of Fighters XV is available right now on PC, PlayStation consoles, and Xbox Series X|S. Hinako Shijo is due to join the game’s Fighter Pass sometime this winter, so stay tuned for a more specific release date for her.

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