Nintendo renews trademark for Tomodachi Life, hints at potential return


In a recent development, Nintendo has renewed the trademark for the beloved title, Tomodachi Life, in Japan. This renewal was spotted on the Chizai Watch database on October 10, 2023. For fans of the series, this news is certainly intriguing, as it suggests the possibility of a return for the quirky social simulation game. Originally known as Tomodachi Collection: New Life in Japan, Tomodachi Life is celebrated for its zany interactions between user-created Mii characters. While the use of Mii characters has diminished in Nintendo’s recent titles, some, like Nintendo Switch Sports, still incorporate these beloved avatars.

Tomodachi Life made its debut on the Nintendo 3DS in April 2013 in Japan, followed by a release in June 2014 internationally. It is part of Nintendo’s Tomodachi Collection game series and was the first title from the series to be launched outside of Japan. The original Tomodachi Collection, released exclusively in Japan in June 2009 for the Nintendo DS, set the stage for the series’ global expansion.


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