Nobody Can Agree On When Games Should Be Remastered


A screenshot shows Ellie hiding behind a tree.

Screenshot: Naughty Dog / Sony

The Last of Us Part II might only be about three years old, but the popular PS4 sequel from Naughty Dog will be remastered for PS5 next year. And as you might expect, when we asked Kotaku readers (you fine folks!) about this, you all had a lot of thoughts to share on remakes, remasters, and more.

On November 17, after months of rumors and speculation, The Last of Us Part II Remastered leaked online. Shortly after its surprise reveal, Naughty Dog confirmed the news and the game’s January 19, 2024 release date. It’s set to be released exclusively on PS5, folks who owned the PS4 version can upgrade to this new version for $10. But a 2020 PS4 game getting a remaster in 2024 led to online discourse about whether Sony and Naughty Dog jumped the gun with this upcoming PS5 release.

So, we asked you all for your opinions and got plenty and it became clear: The debate about remasters/remakes is far from settled.

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