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Open AI Releases GPT-4: A Large Multimodal Model With Best-Ever Results On Capabilities And Alignment


OpenAI has launched GPT-4, which is the company’s most advanced system to date. GPT-4 is designed to generate responses that are not only more useful but also safer. This latest system is equipped with a broader general knowledge base and enhanced problem-solving abilities, enabling it to tackle even the most challenging problems with greater accuracy. Moreover, GPT-4 is more collaborative and creative than its predecessors, as it can assist users in generating, editing, and iterating on creative and technical writing tasks, such as song composition, screenplay writing, or adapting to a user’s writing style.

GPT-4 surpasses ChatGPT in its advanced reasoning capabilities.

ChatGPT is outperformed by GPT-4, as it scores in higher approximate percentiles among test-takers.

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Live Content, Last updated on March 14 2023

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