Open-World Tomb Raider Game Rumored to be in Development

A new Tomb Raider game may be in the works, according to recent rumors. Reportedly, the upcoming game takes Lara Croft to India and features a vast, seamless, open world. Lara will also reportedly have a parachute and motorcycle to traverse the environment.

New open-world Tomb Raider game reportedly launching in less than a year

The leak comes from a twitter user going by V Scooper, who has a reputation as a reliable source. “Next TOMB RAIDER game will be fully open world and set in India,” reads their post. “Featuring vast sceneries, free use of the motorcycle, parachute, and common Lara’s traversal methods to unrestrictedly navigate across a big map and its challenges.” They added that it should release in less than a year, assuming there are no delays, “But this is not totally locked.” They also said there would be more information “soon.”

As with all leaks, fans should treat this one with a healthy degree of skepticism. Still, this isn’t the first indication that a new Tomb Raider game was on the way relatively soon. Notably, Crystal Dynamics revealed the new “unified” Lara Croft back in February. The studio also confirmed last year that Embracer Group’s downsizing wouldn’t impact Tomb Raider or Perfect Dark, though that statement was quite a while ago.

The last completely new mainline Tomb Raider game was Shadow of the Tomb Raider, which concluded the “Survivor Trilogy” in 2018. The 2013, 2015, and 2018 games had some open-world elements but were still primarily linear. A truly open-world game could be an excellent way to launch the next phase of this long-running series. However, it will depend on how well Crystal Dynamics balances quantity with quality.

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