Oscars Couldn’t Stop The Last of Us Finale From Breaking Records


The data is in, and HBO’s The Last of Us Season 1 finale has broken the show’s previous viewership records. That’s despite competition from the Oscars – a testament to the TV show’s quality and reception.

The Last of Us Season 1 finale garnered 8.2 million viewers

As noted by Variety, The Last of Us Season 1’s final episode garnered 8.2 million viewers – the series’ highest. While it couldn’t beat HBO’s House of the Dragon based on viewership numbers alone, The Last of Us saw a sharp increase in viewership throughout the season – something House of the Dragon couldn’t manage.

In fact, House of the Dragon lost viewership during Season 1, though its finale’s performance was marred by the episode leaking online early.

Now that The Last of Us Season 1 is over, HBO has revealed that episodes 1-6 are averaging 30.4 million viewers, with episode 1 hitting 40 million viewers and counting. What’s more is that the show has set a new record for HBO Max in Latin America and Europe, becoming its most-watched show in history in both regions.

Suffice to say that The Last of Us is off to a fantastic start. The show finally broke the curse of video game adaptations, making an excellent case for them. Here’s hoping Resident Evil took notes.

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