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Looking to catch some Pokemon Bronze Fоrеvеr Codes? Our post will help you become the very best and grab any Pоkеmоn Bronze Fоrеvеr Codes there are!

To grab your rewards and freebies, visit the official Roblox website. Want to catch more freebies? Why not check out our Anime Defenders Codes and our Wuthering Waves Codes.

Pokemon Bronze Forever Codes

Let’s see what codes are available!

Working Codes

These are all the codes that are currently working. This post was last updated on May 27th, 2024

PremiumCode5—Redeem for a Reward (Must be verified and subscribed)PremiumCode4—Redeem for a Reward (Must be verified and subscribed)PremiumCode3—Redeem for a Reward (Must be verified and subscribed) 1MilCode—Redeem for a Reward (Must have: 2nd Gym Badge) NoUpdateTodaySorry—Redeem for a Reward (Must have: 2nd Gym Badge) AudioIsBack—Redeem for a Reward (Must have: 2nd Gym Badge) ThankMeLater—Redeem for a Reward (Must have: 2nd Gym Badge)MAINTENANCEOVER—Redeem for a Reward (Must Have 3rd Gym Badge)6YearsOfPBB—Redeem for a Reward (Must have 3rd Gym Badge) Week1—Redeem for a Reward (Must have: 3rd Gym Badge) DownTime—Redeem for a Reward (Must have: 3rd Gym Badge)BoogaBooga—Redeem for a Reward (Must have 4th Gym Badge)400k—Redeem for a Reward (Must have: 4th Gym Badge)GameIsUpGuys—Redeem for a Reward (Must have 4th Gym Badge) RobloxIsCool—Redeem for a Reward (Must have 4th Gym Badge) GameUpYay—Redeem for a Reward (Must have 4th Gym Badge) PurchasesAreBack—Redeem for a Reward (Must have: 5th Gym Badge) YayForPokemon—Redeem for a Reward (Must have 6th Gym Badge) FreeBPSorryForDelay—Redeem for a Reward (Must have 8th Gym Badge) TestingEnded—Redeem for a Reward RoadTo400K—Redeem for a Reward RoriaLeague—Redeem for a Reward IAMCHAMPION—Redeem for a Reward 1KBoosts—Redeem for a Reward BrickBronzeForever—Redeem for a Reward BuyingFixed—Redeem for a Reward SorryForDownTime—Redeem for a Reward Easter2023—Redeem for a Reward TanoIsTheBest—Redeem for a Reward ThankYouTano—Redeem for a Reward SafariZoneUpdate—Redeem for a Reward PrideMonth—Redeem for a Reward GameIsBackThisTime—Redeem for a Reward GameBack—Redeem for a Reward HugeUpdateSoon—Redeem for a Reward PVPUPDATE—Redeem for a Reward

How To Redeem Codes

Follow the instructions below to claim your codes:

Select the Menu button on the left side of the screenPress the Options button on the bottom leftInput your working codePress Enter on your keyboardThat’s it!


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