Prison Architect 2 Spotted Online

It looks like Prison Architect 2 will soon be revealed after a listing for the game popped up online.

X/Twitter user @Kurakasis flagged that Prison Architect 2 has been rated by Korea’s Game Rating and Administration Committee.

Publisher Paradox (of Crusader Kings and Stellaris) has yet to announce Prison Architect 2, but it was teased in May alongside the original game’s Sunset Update. A trailer, below, thanking fans for supporting the game also teased a 3D sequel. In the trailer’s final scene, a 2D inmate pops into 3D, much to the shock of everyone around him.

Prison Architect is the hugely successful builder simulation game from indie developer Introversion. IGN’s Prison Architect review returned an 8/10. We said: “Prison Architect is one of the most in-depth, satisfying builder games in ages, if you can get past the initiation.”

Introversion sold the Prison Architect intellectual property to Paradox in 2019, with Double Eleven taking over development duties. Introversion went on to release the well-received spaceship construction game, The Last Starship, which is currently in Early Access on Steam.

It will be interesting to see how Prison Architect manages the transition from 2D to 3D, given its 2D art style was a key part of the original game’s appeal. IGN has asked Paradox for comment.

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