Prisoner Rescue battle log location in Armored Core 6

There is only one Battle Log in the Prisoner Rescue mission in Armored Core 6. However, if you have reached this point in the game, not only have you completed New Game+, But are now on New Game++. Congratulations, you must be a real masochist. However, the Battle Log can be a bit of a head-scratcher to find, so here is the best way to get your hands on it.

Prisoner Rescue battle log location

Once you reach the checkpoint in Prisoner Rescue, which is situated on a Helipad, travel right over it and along the cliff face. You will notice there is a mech to destroy at the far end. Get rid of this, or it will end up causing you problems for the next leg of the journey.

Prisoner Rescue Battle Log Location In Armored Core 6

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From the current location, look across the chasm towards about 250 on your compass. You will see the huge dam wall in Prisoner Rescue. Boost your way over to this and head to the far right side. On the top of the dam, you will find yet another mech similar to the one you just dispatched. You will notice it has the small Battle Log symbol next to its name. Kill this, and then complete the Prisoner Rescue mission to complete this Battle Log.

Prisoner Rescue Battle Log Location In Armored Core 6 2

Screenshot via Burtrolla

The mech has some serious firepower, so I would suggest dodging on your approach. It is possible to get in while the mech is still unaware, giving you the chance to stagger it before it even gets a shot off. This will make acquiring the Battle Log a lot easier in the Prisoner Rescue mission. The huge rocket launchers mounted on the shoulders of the mech will almost instantly stagger you if you get hit by their barrage.  I would recommend Songbird on your shoulder and a battling gun and shotgun in your arms slots. These guarantee huge damage and stagger in Armored Core 6.

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