PS5 Slim Setup Confirms Disc Drive Doesn’t Work Out of the Box


Leaked images of the PS5 Slim’s setup screen confirms that the console’s disc drive doesn’t work out of the box. Players will need to connect their consoles to the internet first and pair the disc drive before proceeding.

PS5 Slim disc drive requires pairing regardless of console version

The requirement of drive pairing was first discovered when pack shots of the PS5 Slim were published online. The consoles made their way to some retailers last week, following which customers took photos of the boxes. There was some speculation that the requirement was specific to digital consoles with add-on drives. However, we can now confirm that this requirement applies to both digital and disc versions.

It’s unclear why the stock drive isn’t already registered as has been the case with the standard PS5 disc edition. Some have said that this requirement could be to comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, but others have expressed reservations.

From the wording on the PS5 Slim’s box, it appears that pairing the disc drive is a one-off requirement, but Sony has yet to confirm this. We also don’t know if factory resetting the console will require users to pair the drive again.

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