Random: Some Switch Fans Want A Super Mario Bros. Wonder eShop Demo


Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Image: Nintendo

Last week, a demo for Super Mario Bros. Wonder rolled out at Switch kiosks across the US. Nintendo has now officially announced this on social media, and it’s got many fans calling for an eShop demo that they can play on their own Switch.

Unfortunately, not everyone can get to one of these kiosks, and many people are located outside of the US, so it’s impossible to try out this demo right now. Here’s just a small sample of fans who would like to see a demo via digital distribution:

One theory as to why Nintendo won’t be making an eShop demo for Super Mario Bros. Wonder available, at least ahead of launch, is due to concerns about it being datamined. Keep in mind, this is just fan speculation and there could be all sorts of other reasons Nintendo hasn’t distributed a demo at this point in time.

Fans who have had the chance to try out Wonder so far seem to have walked away with positive first impressions of the game. This is in line with critics so far, who have been praising the title across multiple hands on sessions.

If you are curious to know what the in-store demo has to offer, here’s Nintendo’s official description:

“Check out Mario’s latest adventure, and see how Wonder Flowers shake up the classic platforming gameplay with all kinds of wild Wonder effects. Take your pick from the largest cast of characters ever seen in a side-scrolling Mario game, and hop into the Flower Kingdom with up to 4 players in local co-op. You’ll even get to try some new power-ups, like the Elephant Fruit!”

Would you like to see an eShop demo of Super Mario Bros. Wonder? Leave a comment below.

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